mini-pendant selection time!

home4all6June 25, 2013

I'm in decision-making overload right now!
Despite the fact that I felt I had many things figured out before we began, I'm finding that now that it's time to make the final decisions, I'm reconsidering the things I thought I wanted.
One of those things is the pendant lights above my island.
I have long-loved the ubiquitous industrial style polished nickel pendants, and thought I would use those. But now I fear they are too industrial, too shiny, too big and blingy for my kitchen.
To recap, we've an old house, with old, dark bronze-y and crystal hardware and lights. And our kitchen will open up to our dining room, with double pocket doors separating them.
I don't think I'm going with ORB anywhere in the kitchen, but instead simple chrome and maybe some glass knobs. White shaker inset cabinets, soapstone and honed marble counters. Simple, traditional, understated, lived-in, comfortable, family-friendly, casual. (Oh, and 8.5' ceilings.)
(I like clear glass pendants, but worry about seeing the bulbs, especially as available bulbs are in such flux.)

Our island is about 8' long, and we will have 3 pendants, so I'm also trying to stay under $200/fixture.

Here are some I'm considering, but I think one of these has become my favorite:







What do you think? Any of these? Or others to suggest?

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It might be helpful to post the context that these will go into as well as the choices. Based on your words alone, I'd go with B.

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Thanks, GreenDesigns!
I will post the layout and the floorplan--hopefully that will help?

House floorplan:
(There are now french doors between the kitchen and dining room...and our range is 36")

Cabinet layout, only change is the layout on island, we switched the speed oven and the prep sink:

dining room chandelier, which is staying put:

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I find myself drawn to "E"

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I like "E", too. I'm a sucker for that kind of glass.

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Ohhhh, I like the first one because I've never seen any pendant like that. Really cool. Who makes it?

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Agree with nosoccermom. A is enchanting. Looks like a fabric shade made of glass. Bet you'd get the most comments on A.

Based on your words and the chandelier picture, B might flow best.

E annoys me. Looks like there is moisture I need to wipe away.

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I like A but I also love E--biased because I have that pendant! I actually have it in the ORB, which really is understated and you might want to consider it since it would tie in with your dining lighting.

It does not look like it is moisture in IRL. It is mercury glass which is really cool.

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Molly Phillips

I really love A. That is a really cool looking pendant, but won't be too flashy and take over the kitchen either.

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Could you put in your post the manufacturer and "model" of each? I like some of these and may need to suggest them to someone else.

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B seems to go best with your dining room chandelier, if that's a factor to consider.

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I also think B goes best with the dining room chandelier. Unfortunately, it is my least favorite as a stand alone. But that's not a terrible thing, because I like them all... I am just naturally drawn to more shiny, modern finishes. A is really unique and stunning, but I'm not sure it goes with the rest of the house. "E" seems the best compromise.

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As I mentoned, E comes in ORB so if you want to go that way you can.

Here is a link that might be useful: mercury pendant in ORB

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They're all nice choices. (A) is pretty but it reminds me a little of a skirt. I think I like (B) the best, but I'm not as fond of the chain from which it hangs. I also like (E) and the simple cord but not so crazy about the shiny metal.

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Holly- Kay

Since Cathy posted E in ORB I like that finish better than the shiny finish.

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I really appreciate all your input on this!
They are almost all from Shades of Light, except B. is from Ballard Designs.
Here are my thoughts:
A. I like the glass so much, but I don't like the top of the glass and the cord. It looks unfinished or like an upside down drinking glass. And I worry about what light bulbs I'll be able to get for it in the future.
B. I like B al lot, too, but I have the same worries about the glass shade and bulbs, as well as glare. And I'm not sure about the square chain links, either. It was one of my first favorites, based on this picture:

C. I like the size and unique shape of C. but it is still pretty industrial with the ribbed glass and chrome accents
D.I like D but it is very chrome--and very tulip-y, which seems fussier than I'd like.
E. I like the mercury glass of E a lot, but I don't love the black cord or the flared bottom. I DO like the alternate that Cathy posted and will add it to my list of considerations (thanks!)
F. I like that F is a twist on a retro fixture, with a slimmer profile, which I find more elegant and unique. I also like that I can't see the bulb at all, so no worries about bulb-style or glare. And I like the bit of chrome at the top, but it's mostly white glass, and my cabinets and trim are all white.
F is actually my favorite, but not one person even mentioned it, so funny!!
The jury is still out, but I hope to make a decision soon!
(Can you tell I'm a libra? these decisions kill me!)

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Not sure if this is up your alley but this is what I am thinking of using over our island.

Here is a link that might be useful: pendant

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I would choose B; goes best with the chandelier. I also love F, very classic.

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What are the finishes in the new kitchen? That will help guide some decisions. And, I cerainly appreciate decision overload!

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I really like B. I think everything about it is lovely. I do not like F- sorry. Something about it reads like it belongs in a commercial space, not a home.
To help narrow your choices, why dont you try to hone in on one hanging method or at least eliminate one hanging method; chain, rod or cord. Can you choose one or eliminate 1? Personally I do not like cords. It's a preference. I have seen them come kinked and it is really hard, sometimes near impossible, to get the kink out. In a windy space, the can get swaying pretty good. Will you have a ceiling fan nearby? I am OK with either rods or chains. Depending on the finish a rod can look heavy. Black rods tend to disappear more. If you bump your head on a fixture hung on a chain, it has more give, less likely to hurt, less likely to break.
Don't be afraid to order and return(check restocking fees and return shipping). Something that looks lovely, can be cheap garbage in real life. I didnt think of this early enough, but look at the weight of fixtures. It can be telling; too light may mean plastic parts painted with a metallic finish. Carefully read the size information. Make models; it really helps. I had a group of 11 year old boys make me actual size models out of paper plates, dowels and what not. Not only was it helpful to me they had a blast and learned how to read spec sheets!

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B or D would be the top 2 picks, with a slight leaning to D.

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A is feminine, as is the chandelier.
How would you change thebulb in F?

The chain link would repeat the chandelier.

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