Want to keep my soapstone unoiled--how to deal with grease

needinfo1June 29, 2013

I've had my soapstone (original PA) installed for a couple months now, and I have never oiled it because I much prefer the stone's original condition with its more charcoal, matte look to the darker oiled look. But, grease spots are a PIA. What I have been doing eliminates the spots but is a bit more work than I'd prefer, so I thought I ask those of you who have kept your soapstone unoiled how you take care of unsightly grease splotches. When I talk about grease splotches I'm talking about something different from a slowly developing patina in certain well-used areas or a few light splatter spots from frying. I'm talking about spilling some salad dressing or having butter seep through a butter wrapper types of things. Thanks.

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I just wipe the counters down with a hot cloth soapy with Dawn

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I do the same - wipe with a hot soapy dishrag. It doesn't always get it all off but it's close enough for me.

Good luck,

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So do you just dunk the dish cloth in a sink full of soapy water you've been doing dishes in, or do you use the Dawn pretty straight from the bottle? I am wondering how diluted the Dawn can be and still work.

Thanks again.

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Straight from the bottle onto a cloth wet with hot running water

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I'm a non-oiler, too (for 6+ years now) and I have always used Simple Green degreaser scrubbed with a magic eraser and then rinsed with a wet sponge until the sponge rinses clear. Then dry with a microfiber. The degreaser is more efficient than a regular detergent at getting grease off, and a lot less sudsy which lets me rinse it off faster.

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I'd tried the Dawn straight from the bottle, and it did produce a lot of suds I then had to get rid of with lots of wiping.

Right now I am doing something somewhat similar to what Casey does, but it is definitely more steps than just wiping down a counter with a damp cloth that I was hoping to be able to do all of the time. (I'm using undiluted Greased Lightning in a spray bottle. I then used the scrubby side of a sponge to scrub and then wipe up the soapy residue with the sponge side. Wiping dry with a cloth usually produces better results than just air drying.) That is why I was wondering if there were any simpler solutions.

But, OTOH, I don't need to do this more complicated procedure all of the time. I would never try to keep my counters unoiled if I had to go through all of this every single time I needed to wipe up my counters. For normal, everyday maintenance it is just a quick wipe down with a dish cloth and evaporative air drying.

Thanks again.

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I keep Dawn diluted in a spray bottle to clean most things in the kitchen (including marble) .. it works well on the stones, doesn't leave as much residue as undiluted.

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The fabricator I used stopped in today for something else, so I asked him about grease on soapstone. He says the maroon, 3M, scrubbing pad found in paint stores can be used with Softscrub to remove grease spots. This technique can also be used if someone wants to completely get rid of the oiling they have done on their soapstone. So, I'll add this to my list of things to try on my next set of grease spots.

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