Backsplash and Paint ideas?

amharrisJune 6, 2013

I need your input!

We are partially through a kitchen renovation in a second home that ultimately will be where we retire. The house is a mid-century contemporary home, and I want the kitchen to have a contemporary feel (but not ultra modern and sterile). White cabinets just didn�t feel right in this space, so I used IKEA ADEL beech cabinets, and topped them with Caesarstone Dreamy Marfil. In the island, the drawers are stainless steel (I just wanted to mix it up a little). Pictures below show the current state of the kitchen. Haven't put in all the lights yet or refinished the floors.

View from the other end of the kitchen. Bought a couple of chairs for that end.

And--a close up of the counter. It's subtle, but there are some coppery vein as well as some gray ones.

My current challenges are backsplash and paint.

Backsplash. In my mind's eye I was seeing kind of a gray green glass subway tile before I started shopping for/obsessing about tiles. The backsplash is fairly small, so I could do something with more "bling" -- a mosaic or something. I do love the look of glass tile in this space. I think it works with the contemporary vibe I'm looking for.

Here's the basic glass subway tile (the color is "dune" from the Tile Shop):

Here is a stileto style tile with glossy and matte tiles in a similar (a little more green) color (Artistic tile-Ovation).

And here are the mosaics. The first (sugar cone) has been discontinued since I first found it. I like that it had warm and cool tones in it. I was afraid it would be too busy, but others who saw it didn't think so. Of course, this one's a no go at this point, but thought I'd include it for reference.

A couple of other mosaics:

Tara Sand

Breckenridge mosaic from The Tile Shop

Questions. Do you like any of them? Do you look at this and immediately think of something different that would look fabulous? This project is challenging because I only get to the house every 2 mos, so I want to make sure I have all of the samples that look promising with me when I go back in July.

Paint. I've read about Ellen Kennon paints on GW and got intrigued. Ordered the deck of colors and took them out to the house the last time I was there. I need a pretty neutral color because the kitchen space is open to the next rooms so the color will carry there. I know paint will be influenced by the backsplash and other materials, but was wondering if anyone has used Perret Ivory (it seems to have a bit of green in it. At least that's how it look when I taped it on the wall.

Thanks for suffering through this long post. I'd really appreciate any/all feedback!

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I’ve just the forum to find some answers myself but the first thread I’ve read is your and I can relate because 2 weeks ago I was in the same situation. I found this blog post very helpful, I don’t know if that is what you looking for but give it a try.

Here is a link that might be useful: Tips for a kitchen backsplash

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Holly- Kay

How about a stainless tile? When I was looking at bs possibilities the other day I saw some very neat stainless mosaics. It was way too contemporary for my kitchen but they were really terrific and would look smashing in your space.

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Vanessa--thanks for the link to the article. I want the backsplash to meet those criteria!

Holly-kay-- I had looked at some mosaics that had stainless in them--were you thinking all stainless or something with stainless in it?

I love hearing from you guys!

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What about this one?

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Stainless could be really nice, and reflect a lot of light back into the space as your vision worsens.

Maybe something like this?

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Holly- Kay

I love that Williamsem! My favorite stainless bs material is the argyle pattern but that herringbone is awesome. The one mosaic that I saw was made up of small ss ovals, it was very cool looking and contemporary.

I love your kitchen Anne! It is so sleek and neat looking. I think stainless would look so great in your space and the lovely herringbone really throws back a lot of light. I have also seen a pattern that was a combo of glossy and matte stainless tiles that was gorgeous.

I like the glass mosaic too but really think the stainless would be smashing!

I can't wait to see pics when it is finished!

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Love that paint color, such a warm but neutral color that so many things will go with.

I agree that the stainless steel tiles would be awesome, echoing but not identical to your island.

I also really like the stiletto glass. Yours is one of the few ktichens that I think that style would be really at home.

Is your eye more drawn to the mosaics, though? I am sure that I have seen some very similar to 'sugar cone' and I do like that it brings in some other colors, subtle shades of blue/gray/tan/cream; that would play nicely with the paint you show above. I like the overall modern look but for myself would probably be wanting a bit more color after a while.

I guess my choice would be a shape like the stiletto in a multicolor mix like 'sugar cone'

Here is another play on a metallic look:
Jeffrey Court tiles

Please be sure to show us the finished kitchen!

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Thank you all for the ideas. I hadn't thought of doing an all-stainless backsplash. I guess I was afraid I needed something that tied together the cool stainless drawers in the island and the warmth of the wood cabinets. The counters are also are a creamier tone (the Caeasarstone London Gray is whiter).

Raee--you asked about whether my eye is drawn more to mosaics. Actually I wasn't initially--I was thinking of something more linear (like the stileto pattern or subway). Mosaics are so popular now, as I started looking at options, I saw tons of mosaics (and of course it's easier to mix tones with a mosaic. I tried to find that Jeffrey court pattern you included online--but couldn't seem to find it. Do you know what it's called?

Williamsem-thanks for the idea about the herringbone pattern. That's very pretty!

Thanks again for the ideas--would love to hear more! I am loading up my sample bag for the trip out in July!

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here is the link

Here is a link that might be useful: Jeffrey court chapter 1 suite glass

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Thanks raee!

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Of your initial choices, I liked the stiletto---closely followed by the 1st subway. I can't really tell on my monitor whether the color of one of them would look better than the other. I also liked the later suggestions of metallic/SS backsplash.

I think I'm more partial to the linear tiles, especially the horizontal lines. I think that's why my initial choice was the stiletto--the vertical lines seemed to mimic the lines of your cabinetry with the drawers of different heights.

You have a lovely kitchen, and I imagine your choice of backsplash will be a winner, as well. I look forward to seeing what you ultimately put in.

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