Stool similar to this?

mrsmortarmixerJune 7, 2013

I really like the seat of this stool, but not the base. Has anyone seen anything similar with four legs?

Here is a link that might be useful: Stool

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I did a quick search because I remembered seeing something similar, shape-wise, but it turns out it's more squared off. Here's the one I found

Here is a link that might be useful: four-legged swivel stool with low, open back

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I came across this:

Here is a link that might be useful: Bar Stool

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I like that a lot, thanks for posting it! I think I'd rather have that base than legs, is your concern about it practical or aesthetic?
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Here is something similar (not as stylish imo) from costco

Here is a link that might be useful: portofino stools

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Are you looking for the same woven look or just the seat shape?

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I kind of like the woven look as well as the shape. Although the shape seems modern, the woven makes it seem less likely to stick out like a sore thumb in a rustic or traditional kitchen.

kksmama- I'm worried that the pedestal base makes it seem more modern, although I like the idea of being adjustable to work as the kids grow. I'm also afraid that it might destroy the floor or tip easily. Not so great with little ones. I'm not sure I want to commit to bolting them down to prevent the problem.

I went ahead and ordered one just to try it in the space and to let the kids give it a test drive. But I'm keeping my eyes open for something similar with 4 legs

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Please let me know how it works, especially about whether it is tippy. I was worried about my current stools (tall, heavy and with 4 legs) being knocked over by my rambunctious kids, so I understand your caution. It never happened, and now my youngest is in double digits so the house is a little more calm (but not yet quiet).

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I like the style, but for my own personal experience I find the little narrow foot perch very uncomfortable, especially if it isn't the right height to put my feet on. If it goes all the way around, like the rung on the green chair, I can at least position myself a little differently to reach it and if someone is short it's easier to get on a high stool if there is more rung.

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kksmama- I will definitely let you know how it goes. The floor got pretty scraped up by a couple chairs that were missing a floor protector, so we will probably do a light sand and another coat of finish here soon once all of the trim is in. Now seems like the perfect time to test out a stool, just in case it does somehow scratch the floor. I'm also a bit concerned about dents, but since the chair and table legs didn't, I'm optimistic stools won't either.

island- I was wondering about the foot rest. I'm pretty sure we could beef it up pretty easily with wood if we did decide to keep it. I don't expect them to be used often, we have a dining room that gets used for every meal. These would most likely be for the kids to kneel or sit on to help out, maybe an occasional quick snack or cup of coffee for adults in the morning.

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kksmama- the stool came today. I put it together and have it sitting in the kitchen. The kids went to their aunt's house last night and were going to the pool today, so I don't have them here now to kid test. However, I did have fun playing with the airlift. I definitely wouldn't use it for a bar stool. One you reach full height, it definitely feels more unstable, however at counter height, it feels pretty safe. I did some wobbling and it feels like it would take some pretty serious pushing to get it to tip. When the kids gets home, I'll make them play on it and do some supervised leaning to see how it performs. Still keeping my eye out for something better.

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I really like this look and look forward to seeing what you decide. Does that back offer support to adults, would it be comfy for awhile (watching half a football game during a party)? Is the seat dark enough brown that it would go with black countertops?

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Mrsmortarmixer, are you living with and liking these stools? I still really like the shape, but I really don't have any brown going on in my color scheme except for the wood floors - do you think they would look good with black counters, gray island wood, white perimeter cabinets?

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We have been living with one since the original purpose, and I just recently received 3 more. I haven't put them together yet, and they are still sitting in the boxes lol.

One thing that may or may not be a deal kids can't make them go down once they have raised them. There isn't enough weight. It's actually kind of nice because it means they can't "play" with them as much. Dh and I have no problems getting them to return to a lower position. My oldest weighs around 50 lbs and it's not enough.

I'm horrible with colors, so I wouldn't feel comfortable saying yes and no, but the base is silvery grey, not bronze as it shows in the Amazon picture. The seat is a mix of medium and dark brown and matches my walnut floors. Maybe a professional could chime in with their opinion on matching :)

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Thanks! Don't you love it when things that aren't child proof by design work better for parents? Only fair since so many childproof things don't.
DH (who has had very few requests) doesn't like the foot bar and wants me to keep searching. I hope I can find something with that same low back.

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