What are good soft white paint colors for cabinets

miss_kendaJune 7, 2013

We are building through a neighborhood builder and this is the kitchen


I don't like the way it is decorated and we want painted cabinets and this is our door style but we have smooth edges


Full overlay isn't an option and it's not an option for us to carry the cabinets to the ceiling either. It's too costly.

We need to choose a paint color and as you can see we have a large pantry door and crown molding that are pretty white and so I am looking for a paint color that is not stark white but not too cream???
Would cream clash?

I am thinking BM White Dove Also we are thinking of painting the island gray so suggestions for that are also needed :)

Any other ideas?

These are our floors in oak

Thanks for you help

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Do you know the color the door and trim will be? What will your counters be?

Choosing a white can be very difficult as the undertones in each color, as well as the lighting in your space will make the colors read differently than they do on the sample chips, etc. I painted seven different sample boards for my kitchen. I decided on BM Mascarpone. It is a lovely soft white that does not have any gray undertones. BM Dove White had too much grey in it for my kitchen. BM Mayonnaise was nice, but a little creamier than Mascarpone.

Good luck!

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Because it's not built yet It's hard to know what the light will be like.
I don't know the name of the trim color. It is Qwal paint and I need to find out.
It is a white but not too cool.
The counters are probably going to be this

or maybe this


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bumping for more ideas

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I'll plug two soft whites that I love: BM Cloud White, which I used for my cabs, and BM Simply White, which was my runner-up, and that Breezy used for her cabs. It was a close call, Simply White being slightly less creamy (in my lighting).

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I'm Team White Dove all the way. It has been by far the most universal trim for me in my remodel thus far. I have in certain instances had to use another color (Ballet White); but, 85% of the time White Dove has looked amazing and I've went with it in Waterborne Satin Impervo. Good luck :)

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My go-to whites are BM White Dove and BM Acadia White. I've done 2 kitchens in Acadia White--it's a beautiful soft white, with a slightly warmer undertone (warmer than white dove).

Acadia White, for some reason, looks a lot creamier on the paint chip card than in real life. It's worth buying a little sample.

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i have been happy with BM cottonballs. it is a soft white without too much yellow or gray tones.

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Shearer Painting & Wonderfulcolors.org

I am a painting contractor and paint color consultant. We paint many cabinets new installs and updates. Sometimes the color for cabinets is more difficult to select than wall colors. Floor finishes especially hard wood floors have a significant influence and limitation on the color range; here is an example of Benjamin Moore Paint Cloud White Kitchen Cabinets I like many of the colors mentioned earlier in this thread.

Here is a link that might be useful: How to paint kitchen cabinets

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laura mcleod

Lots of good whites already listed - I will add another one: SW Dover White - it is on all our trim throughout the house and it worked with the lighting so we chose it for the cabs when we remodeled.

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I looked at about 12 different whites - none labeled so I wasn't swayed by paint color names. I had a sample of my countertop and my tile so that helped. Ended up choosing Benjamin Moore Simply White. It was fairly obvious which one looked the best. I think if you have a sample of your countertop you'll find it much easier to choose the white that works best. The undertones will be very obvious. Good luck! (mine are still being built so no photos - sorry)

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BM: all are softer, older looking whites

Ballet White
Cotton Balls

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White Dove in my last 2 kitchens. Now have Cloud white on some walls in the new place. Like them both. Cloud White is a bit brighter white and white dove a touch creamier, IMO.

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I also like BM mascarpone - it is a warmer white...I think 2 Fishies used this color as part of her kitchen. I used it for my trim.

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Thanks everyone.
I am going to get some paint samples today.

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We ordered some sample doors from Barker doors to see the colors. One was Sherwin Williams Pure White and the other Dover White. They were both really great. The paint chip for the Pure White looked really gray but it's not gray at all when painted. BUT this could be because they use a catalyzed varnish [I think that's what it's called].

I'm not sure if paint looks different based on the type of paint that is used. We ended up using the Sherwin Williams Pure White and I love it. It's a very warm white, no gray/blue undertones, at least in our space.

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We had a custom mix done in Benjamin Moore Advance paint after finding the Cabinet Coat we had started with was moldy. Honestly didn't know paint could get moldy, but it does here in TX. Anyway, we had to match the original color since we'd done all the boxes in the CC. We still needed to do the doors and all the trim work. It's a creamy white, not stark, but not too yellowed.

Benjamin Moore Advance Base 1. Here's the formula from the paint can:

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Pratt and Lambert Ivory Mist is an awesome creamy white I have on kitchen cabs with wood floors, stark whhite didn't complement the warmth of the floors. I love it and have for ten years!!

Some whites are too "cool" toned for wood floors I think.

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Love Mayonnaise by Benjamin Moore, a creamy white.

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Whites also depend on lighting. When I was going to paint my kitchen cabinets, in some lighting the BM Cloud White looked best, other places in the room the BM Dove White looked best and other places in the room the BM Simply White looked best. I have since replace my kitchen light in the ceiling with recessed lighting so I will have to see again what looks best.

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