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SMC0904June 9, 2014

We are wrapping up the house design and am looking for suggestions on the kitchen layout. I have attached a picture of the design as it stands. I would prefer the sink on the outside wall with a large window but I do not think i would like both the sink and stove on that wall. The reason we placed the refrigerator where it is in the design is becauase we can recess it back into the wall. If we put the refrigerator against the outside wall it would stick out too much from the counter width. Looking for advice/thoughts.


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It's helpful to see how the kitchen relates to the rest of the house, but hard to see the kitchen details. Can you post an additional picture with just the kitchen?

It looks like the stove is directly across from the sink with 42" between. Is that counter-to-counter or cabinet-to-cabinet? 42" will be a tight squeeze for one person at the sink while another person is at the stove. I'd move the sink one way or the other, rather than centering on the island. Or move the stove further down that wall.

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Here is a bigger picture of just the kitchen. I would probably be working in the kitchen alone most of the time but what is the best space between for between sink and stove for two people to be working?? 48"?

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Here is an article on island space planning. 48-52" from edge of cabinet to piece of stove that sticks out the most.

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Sketch out your layout on graph paper, so we can see what some of the dimensions are. I'm looking at the upper cabinet to the right of the range, and it looks pretty small. I'm not obsessed with symmetry, but I think your range wall might look better if it was symmetrical.

The other thing a sketch could show us is what you have for base cabinets. Most folks here are believers in drawers over cabinets, but width is an issue.

I think I'd move the sink toward the bottom of the picture, to give you a larger uninterrupted work space on the island for something like rolling pie crust (though without dimensions I don't know how much space you have).

Where do you plan to put the dishwasher? Dishes, cups and glasses, silverware, pots and pans? The details of the design will take all of these things into consideration.

I see a window in the pantry. I would put the window at the end, for a couple of reasons. First, your window is closest to the door - and I'd want things I used a lot close to the door. Second, shelves in a corner are less efficient than straight shelves, so putting the window at the end eliminates some of those inefficient corners (the way you have eliminated corner cabinets in the kitchen itself).

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There are a couple of things I see immediately that are problematic - no matter the aisle width, putting the sink directly across from the cooktop/range is a bad layout, and having seats at the island directly looking at the sink (who wants to look at a sink full of dirty dishes?) You have a large kitchen - use it. Move the sink toward the bottom of the picture and the range toward the top. Or, move the large sink way up top on the outside wall (that will be the cleanup area), and put a prep sink on the island closer to the fridge. That gets the dishwasher and cleanup sink out of the way of the prep and cooking area, but still gives you a water source for cooking, and a much larger expanse of island for prep work. Then your range can stay where it is.

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Thank you all for your great suggestions and advice. I have come up with an alternative layout which actually happens to be the same layout as the kitchen I was using as an inspiration. I thought i did not want to put both sink and stove on outside wall but there is plenty of room for both and actually gained top cabinets. Please let me know what you think. I have added a floor to ceiling cabinet to the right of refrigerator which would hold the built in microwave.

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