Finally my kitchen post

torontotimJune 24, 2012

We more or less finished the kitchen a year back (still a couple of trim pieces I've been procrastinating on) so figured it was time to post up some before during and afters.

The room is about 11 x 15 total. We had to work around a chimney bricked on one wall, hence the shallow-depth little base and glass wall cabinet you see in the pics on the 'pantry wall'. The chimney is behind that.

I did the demo work (I pulled out 20 yards of material) myself. The house is 90 years old, and has drywall on top of lathe/plaster in many rooms hence the volume of material. I took it down to the bones and hired someone to build it back to plywood subfloor and drywall. Sub'd out the plumbing and electrical work, got someone to brick in the exterior window to shorten it up, allowing cabinets to run under it. New awning style window allows maximum light and we can open it in the rain.

I then did the hardwood through the entire main floor, after pulling up all the 90 year old plank subfloor and replacing it with 3/4" plywood glued and screwed to the old floor joists (which I blocked as well).

Found a local cabinet maker to do the cabinets (cheaper than buying from Home Depot etc.), had mable counters put in, marble back splash, new appliances (KA counter depth fridge, KA DW, Bluestar range, 2nd hand Vent-a-Hood I scored on eBay. The fridge and stove were the big appliance splurges, costing more than they needed to but well worth the expense.

I also did all the trim work myself - 9 inch baseboards and fresh trim around the doors and windows replicating the 90 year old trim in the rest of the main floor. I've since ripped out the basement bath and floor to deal with some underground drain repairs and did the same downstairs with a new bath - save that for another post.

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I've done a lot of demo work over the years so I know how difficult it is. Your job sounds like it was exceptionally back breaking. The end result certainly makes it worth it. Your new kitchen is beautiful? Love the cabinets with the lighted glass area. Your marble and backsplash are perfect. Congratulations on a job well done.

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Wow, amazing!

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It is gorgeous! Congratulations and enjoy!

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Love the countertops and selective use of lit upper glass cabinets. Lots of personality. I also really liked the standalone upper and lower cabinets built in to that 'pocket' - great idea. What a beautiful kitchen, congrats!

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Magnificent! Especially love your glass uppers and beautiful moldings.

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Beautiful. Love the glass in the uppers. It looks lit from the pictures. Is it? Just lovely.

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What a gorgeous kitchen! Looks like alot of work, but it also looks like it was worth every bit of it. Excellent job!

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Wow. It's beautiful, and looks like it fits the house very well. I really like the bottom trim detail in a few of the pics, gives it some character!

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Wonderful transformation! I love the BS and the lit uppers, but the whole thing works together beautifully. Great job!

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That was a lot of work but it turned out so well. I too love the lit uppers and I also like the way you have the warming rack above the stove but still have BS there too.

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Forget 2 thumbs up. For this, you get a whole hand! :-) Congratulations!

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Congratulations on your beautiful kitchen! I love the toe kick trim detail on your pantry and shallow cab, as well as your marble counter and BS. I also love your faucet--I'm thinking of using something similar in ours. Are you enjoying your BS range? Happy with the oven?

I have a couple of questions regarding your design. First, would you mind telling/showing me how you did the insides of your pantry--are they pullout units, ROTS, or regular shelves? Different on top than the bottom? I'm probably going to wall over our little closet pantry and replace it with pantry cabs, but not sure about the configuration yet. Also, did you use a blind corner unit over by the sink? If so, would you mind sharing what kind you chose? TIA for any information you can give.

I'm sure you'll enjoy the fruits of your labors for many years to come, and thank you for sharing!

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Beautiful kitchen. I really like the detail of the marble counter edge and the toe-kick detail. Very nice.

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Wow, what a labor of love it must have been...kudos to you for all your hard work, your kitchen is absolutely beautiful! Enjoy your lovely space for many years to come!!!

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This is fabulous TorontoTim! Very, very, nice.

I was wondering something though: You said in a previous post that you used BM Cloud White for everything. However, when I look at your pantry, it looks to be a different colour from the walls. (I like the subtle contrast.) Are they in fact two different colours?

I'm thinking of doing tone-on-tone white in my kitchen, possibly.

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laura mcleod

Gorgeous! The kitchen is so light & bright, and the details are all amazing - what a wonderful space!!

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[wistful sigh]
Someday I'll have something as beautiful and peaceful!

You've done a fantastic job!

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Great job, Tim. Really nice, and thanks for the sharing the photos. What a mess, huh? I will be following in nearly your exact footsteps starting next winter. Same age house but I will be gutting the entire house, room by room, over about three years. Don't know which year I will get to the kitchen but your photos will always be an inspiration to me.

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Wonderful transition!!!
Great job!!!

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Very nice! Congrats on all your hard work! This is a lovely kitchen!

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Amazing transformation to such a serene space! Congrats on all your hard work. Love the cabinet paint color, counters, and BS.

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I love everything about your new kitchen as I had mentioned in the forum on LED lighting and I love the BM Cloud White painted cabinets and their style so much! Thank you for sharing. Your kitchen was nice before the changes but was amazing after the changes!

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WONDERFUL job! oh, where are all the white kitchen haters now?! really nice detail and materials selection. enjoy your beautiful kitchen!

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Thanks for all the compliments - might be tough to keep up with all the q's.

It is all BM Cloud White. The finish on the cabs is slightly different than on the drywall, and I'd chalk that up to the lacquer on the cabs (just a protective finish) as well as the different materials and likely paint composition for a professional spray outfit vs. my wife's paint roller (she does the hard job - the painting - I hate painting).

The pantry cabinets are 12" deep - no pullouts or anything fancy. Traffic flows from the dining room through the kitchen to the back hall (down a few steps from the kitchen) so we have to keep the area clear, hence the shallow cabs on that wall. You can see in the 'before' demo pic with the old Hoosier in it that there was nothing on that wall before. We always wanted storage, and I spent days sorting out how to gain every 1/2 inch of depth on that wall.

The LED pucks are all from LED Lighting Canada. Great supplier and good prices. I paid about $19 per puck and then got 2 dimmable drivers. 2 LV Lutron dimmers over by the shallow cabinet with the drivers above the range hood. Then wires from there to all the various locations for the lights. Took me a lot of time and lots of wire to sort it all out. One tip on LV LED pucks - you can't run LV lamp cord in walls - it's against code. So you run regular 14/2 wiring in the walls, and attach the LED pucks to it. So where I had to go in-wall, it's 14/2 wire stubbed out to each section of cabinets.

I used 2 pucks in the full glass cabs, and a single one in the higher glass sections. The under cabinet lights are on one dimmer, the in-cabinet lights on another.

We used a LeMans corner unit in the blind corner - awesome piece of hardware. Of course all BLUM hardware, with the newer hinges that have the soft-close 'built-in'. The drawer pulls and knobs are just Ameroc or something I found at Home Depot that we liked.

Kraus sink I picked up cheap on eBay, and a Kohler Torq faucet I bought while in the US at Sanibel Island last May. Way cheaper in the US than here in Canada, so I ordered it and had it shipped to me while on vacation. Declared it at the border coming home and they thought I was nuts bringing a faucet home from vacation.

Cabinets are plywood with MDF doors. MDF is more common here in Canada and accepted as a high quality option. I could have paid the same and had solid maple doors, but with a paint finish, I'd also have cracks everywhere.

The interior of the cabinets is birch veneer (real vs melamine you'd find on particle board cabs) and the glass sections are painted to match the exterior.

We also splurged on the StarFire glass shelves to avoid the dark edge you see on some glass shelving. Not sure how much it made a difference.

BTW when I ran the plumbing, I had a proper 1/2" copper line run to the fridge location with a standard shut-off valve recessed in the wall. The plumber thought I was crazy, as normally they just use a flexible copper line running from the sink, under the cabs to the fridge. If you're opening up the floors and walls anyhow, run a proper line for the fridge. I have a 10 foot braided stainless hose from the shutoff to the fridge. It will never leak or burst.

Love the Bluestar Range. It's the low end model but I got the tall chimney and the easy pull out lower rack thrown in for free. Might splurge on white knobs for it one day. It does get warm in front, as per all the reviews, but the convection works great, the burners are awesome (we have one 18 or 22K burner I think) and it's cavernous inside. We looked at Viking, but the all-gas 30 inch Viking has a tiny oven. The GE Monogram is great for interior space but the Bluestar looks better and IMHO is a better all around unit.

The Vent-a-Hood I scored on eBay for $450 had the 2 fans in (600 cfm I think) as well as the optional warming lights. So I splurged on the warming rack which also helps fill the gap on the back wall. We rarely use the warming lights but so be it. Looks nice. The hood is awesome.

There have been baseboards etc. put in since the pics were taken. I realized that I mentioned my 9" baseboards but didn't take any pics. Those were a tough job to put in. Not easy cutting them on the mitre for the outside corners. For inside corners I did a coping saw cut which gives you a better seam, especially if the corners aren't square.

With some creative plumbing I was able to eliminate the bulkhead you see in the earlier pictures along the ceiling. It's for the drain pipes of the bath above. I pushed the 4 inch pipe against the wall and then built out the 2x4 stud wall below it. That allowed us to go to the ceiling with the cabinets (9 foot ceilings) all around the room.

OK - think that covers it. Been meaning to post this up for a while but been busy with the basement as well as restoring a few old motorcycles (what I do when not reno'ing the house).

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What a lovely new kitchen! Well done. All that hard work looks well worth it to me. I'm a sucker for marble and I love your counter/backsplash combo. A bright and inviting space to work in. Enjoy!

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What a beautiful and professional kitchen. I give you tons of credit for doing this yourself and sticking with it to the gorgeous outcome! Congratulations it's beautiful.

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So lovely! You must feel so proud that you accomplished that beautiful kitchen through your own hard work!

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What an amazing transformation. Beautiful marble and backsplash on those very nice cabinets.
There's lots of love and sweat in this kitchen for sure.
Congratulations. So beautiful.

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Annie Deighnaugh

Wow Wow Wow!!!!

Excellent job...such a lot of work and such a beautiful result!

You should be very proud....

Just amazing.

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Simply beautiful, Tim! When I was agonizing over a color for my cabinets, your photos inspired me to go with Cloud White, and I'm glad I did.

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Tim, that is GORGEOUS! I love it!

Congratulations--it is beautiful!

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I can't see any images :(

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Debbi Branka

No pictures are showing - says exceeded bandwith. :(

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It took a couple of minutes for all the photos to show up for me so maybe that's why a couple of posters can't see them. TorontoTim, what a beautiful job! It's just fabulous. Love everything, and in particular that range.

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