Help: advice needed choosing backsplash for kitchen

Meg_J_StudiosJune 1, 2011

Hi, I'm new to the forums but have lurked for years and learned so much. We are almost done with our new kitchen and are stuck on backsplash. I would appreciate any help or advice you all have to offer.

We have Jim Bishop off-white beaded-inset cabinets with polished seafoam green granite countertop for the perimeter and a cherry island stained Java with Finlandia green soapstone. Our floors are a medium stained red oak hardwood. The walls are BM Spanish Olive, a light sage-y green, and we have bright white trim. Our cabinets have glass knobs from The Great Indoors (total deal), and we have satin nickel bin pulls on our dishwasher (paneled to match the cabinets) and a column of three deep drawers in our baking station. We have a white farmhouse sink from Belle Foret and a Kohler satin nickel faucet.

We are having difficulty choosing a backsplash. We are thinking subway tile. I love Carrera marble and Calcutta Gold marble. I think the Carrera has too much grey for the off-white of our cabinets, but Calcutta Gold has enough beiges and browns that it works with the cabinet color. My concern is that it might compete too much with the granite. Another option we were considering is a warm white ceramic subway tile that is in-between the bright white of the trim and sink and the off-white of the cabinets. Any thoughts?

I am new to the forum so not sure how posting pictures will go, but I'll try. These pictures do not have all the hardware in, nor is the dishwasher panel in.


View of the island with the perimeter

Here's a web address to more pictures:

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Beautiful kitchen! I have a similar palette, except I have soapstone on my perimeter. I actually brought home a bunch of subway samples including calacatta and carrera, and I like the carrera best, even though it does lean slightly greyish. People here have also installed some beautiful creamy crackle subways, which wouls also look lovely in your space, and maybe not compete with your granite.
Can I ask you about you glass knobs? Size and where they're from?

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Thanks for the response!! I wish we had soapstone perimeter, but some people in my house were afraid. I envy those with the beautiful soapstone with white veining. Maybe next time.

The glass knobs are 1 1/4" from Amerock that I purchased from The Great Indoors. Best part is they are actually glass, not acrylic.

My cousin has knobs that look identical, but she paid over twice as much as I did because hers are from Restoration Hardware. I have been extremely happy with my glass knobs.

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Love your hood. that is gorgeous. Someone here used a tile called arabesque tile and your hood reminds me of it. It might be too much for you in terms of detail but it is gorgeous tile. If I knew how to embed it I would but you can just google arabesque tile.

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I love the color of the walls as they are now.Would it be possible to find a plain tile, subway or matte - I like matte finish tile with shiny granite - that would be that color or similar? It might be too difficult. You're on the right track, though, keeping the backsplash simple. The design elements you've gathered so far look wonderful together. Really charming.

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I have also been lurking here and absorbing lots of great advice. I'm very interested to hear suggestions on this, as we're also getting seafoam green granite. I was waiting for the cabinets to be done and granite installed before asking for suggestions as pictures definitely help. Our cabinets will be a medium tone stain.

This granite is kind of "in between" as far as pattern goes. Not nearly as much movement as say, Bordeaux, but not evenly uniform, so you can't get too carried away with a fancy backsplash. I was thinking maybe matte subway tile, but wanted some sort of decorative element too. I love the look of glass tile, but it may not be right for a traditional kitchen.

Meg, great seafoam slabs! Those are have really nice color and pattern.

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I adore your kitchen.

Here are some fun ideas that are not subway but something
with a little kick of excitement that might blend into
your beautiful kitchen nicely.


Diamond shaped marble

Okay marble again but with a pretty little motif

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Picture #12 is arabesque and comes in different colours. Reminds me of your hood.

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I think a beveled subway would look great. The bevel would play off the moulding on your cabinet doors and the shape would play off the brick I can see through your kitchen window. Cream or celadon would look good.

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Another vote for something close to the current color of the walls.

I know this isn't a popular look on this forum, but you have one kitchen that might look good with a 4 inch granite backsplash and that lovely paint, then do something white/cream at the stove as an accent...I don't know, that paint and granite is just such a lovely restful combination, it will be hard to improve.

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Can you tell me anything about the tiles in pix # 2, 3 & 6?

With black slate-look porcelain counters, SS appliances, and cherry cabs, I'm looking for a pizzazz backsplash.

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Hi C9pilot,

2 is Trikeenan tile

3 is the HGTV winner 2010 here is the link, I think you
can get this metallic glass tile from Lowes or HD

6 is also by Trikeenan tile

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Thanks, Boxer. They have even more gorgeous tiles on their website...also looks expensive, but there's a showroom not far from me, so I'm going to have to check it out.

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Yikes! #3, the Erin Adams Luna Collection starts at $134sf!!!

Here is a link that might be useful: Luna

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your idea is good but also other benefits for backsplash

Reason for choosing backsplash is natural light in kitchen, make space, keep area around cooker clean, improve look, easiest way to manage all daily equipments which are uses generally. Backsplash choosing is very difficult because it have different types like Mosaic, stainless steel, glass, tin, copper, slate, soapstone and etc...

Here is a link that might be useful:

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