Kitchen 98% done and now floor guy screwup. What now?

murpharooJune 30, 2013

Long story short....4 years ago new oak floors installed w stain and poly. Poly began peeling right away because stain not dry when poly done. Guy was crazy, we cut out losses.
Now got a recommendation for someone else. Paid to have all furniture moved out of house into a pod. Floors started 10 days ago. Sanded, stained and first coats of poly. Came back from vacation and they look Terrible. Not dark like we agreed and lots of light patches. Only when i said it sucked did he agree blamed it on humidity and rush of us coming back He wants to resand and redo. Said stain dragged when put on poly. We have 2 little kids and a dog compounding this.

1. Have him redo and pay to stay in hotel while being done.
2. Do the whole floor ourselves but in sections
3. Get someone else.
4. Spot sand and stain the screwed up parts
5. Mix stain into poly to go over lighter parts. (his idea)
6. Other choices?

Of course the worst spot is immediately when you walk into the kitchen right in front of my new gorgeous island with the marble top

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I would stay in a hotel until it's done. I have 2 kids and a dog, so I understand your pain.

This is why I am always on site for big, important jobs. It's amazing how contractors will continue on with a job they know is bad, hoping the home owner will be so desperate to get back into the space that they just let it slide.

When we do our floors, I am camping in the backyard in a tent!

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The area by the island

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By the island

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Holly- Kay

Whoa! That looks awful. The only way to make that right, imo, is to have it all sanded down and done over. I hope you have a good resolution to your problem.

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Murpharoo, I feel your pain! Just went through a similar experience. The patch to correct method made our problem worse. We had a new hardwood floor installed in the kitchen and had the rest of the floors sanded and stained. The quality was poor. The floor guy agreed and tried to resolve the issue by sanding a few of the boards then rebuffing and putting a coat of water based poly over oil based. He said it was a top of the line water based poly and could be done. It ended up looking bad & could see slight peeling. In retrospect we should have had him resand it all the first time. Good luck.

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"Mix stain into poly to go over lighter parts. (his idea) "

Get someone else.

Why would anyone poly over a poor stain job. Is that splatter from the work on your island base?

Hope you get it resolved to your liking.

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Get someone else to sand it down and redo it.

However, with already having found two duds in the business, you may want to take some time to find better qualified individuals. View their past work in person is an important screening procedure as well as making sure that they have a proper business license and are insured.

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