Cabinet height for 90" celings

tefooheyJune 29, 2013

We have only 90" ceilings in our 1970 colonial home. We currently have 32" cabinets with an 8" soffit above them. There is slightly more than 16" between the bottom of the cabinets and counter currently, which works fine as far as our coffee maker etc. (see picture)

I about to order our new Kraftmaid cabinets and was planning to get 36" cabinets keeping the 16" distance between the bottom and the counter. That only leaves room for a very small molding on top. I am concerned about how this will look. I could switch to 30" cabinets and a larger molding with more distance between the cabinet and counter. I plan to have whatever I do go to the ceiling and no space left open. I don't want to lose storage space though in the end because our kitchen isn't that big! I am not really wanting to change cabinet makers but I suppose I could look for others that have cabinet sizes in between. Opinions?

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With 36" cabinets, you don't have any room for moldings unless you want your wall cabinets to not align with the tall cabinets or the fridge cabinets. You need either 30" or 33" cabinets. 33": would only leave you room for 3" of molding height as the top alignment height on 33" is 87" from the finished floor height.

Also, with the restricted ceiling height, you will want to have any tall cabinets like ovens or pantries shipped with the toe kick unattached so that they can actually be stood up. Check the entry way into the kitchen as you will need 36" of unobstructed width for both a full sized refrigerator and any corner cabinets to be brought into the home.

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We just did this in our kitchen with 90" ceilings. We got rid of the soffits and went with 36" cabinets, and we love it. Distance between counter and upper cabinets is 17 inches. The crown molding is about 1 1/4 inch, very simple, but looks just fine.

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Mustang42, did you enclose your fridge?

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No, we did not enclose the fridge, and we also do not have any tall cabinets.

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Can you get rid of the soffit? That would give you many more options, more storage, and look more up-to-date.

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The soffit is definitely going.

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I like what Mustang42 posted. You don't need a thick molding in a low-ceilinged kitchen; you only need enough to cover up any uneveness in the ceiling.

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