No sprayer?

darcyjo1210June 27, 2013

Has anyone out there chosen a wall mount faucet and opted to go without a sprayer? The more I think about it the more I wonder if it's really necessary to have a sink sprayer. If the faucet has a goose neck for filling tall pots/vases, and swivels to cover the sink pretty thoroughly for cleaning with a sponge then why do I need one? I realize it can make it easier to clean really heavy pots like dutch ovens, but I'm pretty sure I could manage without. I have looked at the Jaclo Steam Valve wall mount with the integrated sprayer (the only one I could find that didn't have a hose that hung down into the sink) but the price is a bit steep for us, and I worry that the connection where the spray and the hose meet would wear down after awhile. Anyone without a sprayer now having regrets?

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I chose not to have the sprayer, but bought a faucet with a pull-out handle which works as a sprayer or a regular faucet by pressing a button. I mainly use the sprayer when I pull the faucet out to clean the sink. They're relatively inexpensive, too.

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My current sprayer hasn't worked in years, and I don't miss it at all. I'm not putting one in the new kitchen.

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I think it might depend on your sink. My old sink was small, and I never found myself really needing the sprayer. My new sink is larger and deeper and I find I use my sprayer quite often to spray down the debris from dirty dishes, crumbs, etc. Yes, I could use a sponge, but the sprayer is fast and easy.

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Would never, ever ever give up my sprayer or install a faucet without a sprayer feature.

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Will you have a grid in your sink? If so, you'll need a sprayer to chase all the debris down the drain. I use mine all the time, would not be without one with a deep sink.

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Holly- Kay

I have to agree with Linelle. I love my pull down sprayer! I really don't care for a side sprayer as they seem to go wonky rather quickly.

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I absolutely require a sprayer, if for nothing else than cleaning the sink itself. I use it all the time. But a pull-out or pull-down faucet is the way to go- one less hole to clean around, easier to use than a side sprayer. Can you get that in a wall mount?

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