Cambria Parys

kompyJune 27, 2013

I'm a Cambria dealer...just an FYI about the Parys color. It's so popular they have run out of stock. My client must now wait until September for her slabs.

If this is a color you are interested, call your fabricator to check on this for you. And possibly pick out a second option.

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Holly- Kay

Oh my gosh Kompy, I just googled Parys. It is beautiful!

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I know....and there is nothing else on the market that can replicate it!

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Is that really blue in this ... or a function of the photo?

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I love this color! We thought it would be a bit too much for our kitchen counter, but our 4 year old daughter was in love :)

It is indeed blue and has lots of depth to it that you cannot get from a photo.

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It's more subdued from a distance, while still having that beautiful flash of blue close up.

My fabricator is a regional distributor also, and he has a couple of slabs in stock. Don't know if they are spoken for or not. Just that they are there.

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I'm in the same boat. My contractor didn't buy the Parys color when we picked it a month and a half ago (and 30 slabs were available at the time) and now that it's time to actually get it, everyone is out.

Does anyone know of a retailer/distributor/etc with one extra slab in stock?

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The color is an attempt to duplicate a granite called "Blue Pearl" or "Blue Pearl GT".

Side by side the Cambria looks dull and artificial. The blue inclusions in Blue Pearl have the same optical effect as the security holograms they put on credit cards and the inclusions are incredibly brilliant in sunlight.

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