So I don't have a new fridge after all

raee_gwJune 21, 2013

I had found a fridge at the outlet store that was just what I hoped for: 30" width, 21 cf, French door, bottom freezer, stainless. A floor model with a few hardly noticeable scratches, and with the discounts I was saving over $850 from the retail full price! So I treated myself to a shiny new, larger fridge, that I hadn't planned on (I was shopping for a dishwasher, which I also got).

Well, they tried to deliver it today; I asked the delivery team if they would take off the doors (I was thinking of how to get it through the kitchen door) but no, they felt that they didn't need to do that. What they did need to do, though was remove the front and screen doors, remove the screen door closing mechanism, and even remove a piece of the trim.... and after all that, they scratched the front so badly when trying to maneuver it through, they themselves said "We have to take it back". Oh, and, "we should have taken off the doors."

So, it turns out, there are no more of this model available anywhere at even close to the price -- even checking nationwide at the outlet store's website.

I may be able to find a 30" single door, but now I will probably just wait and nurse my disappointment.

Come to think of it, even with the doors off it might not have made it through the kitchen doorway without removing some trim.

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And it's so much easier to take off a fridge door than mess up the house doors. What they did makes no sense.!

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That is so disappointing and frustrating. Just when you thought you had a great score, and all you got was a headache.

I'm sorry. Is there anything the store can do for you? Can new doors for the fridge be ordered?

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The store offered my a 10% off coupon (for future purchases) if I would keep the damaged one! but, since I don't foresee any other purchases there, and they were major scratches, that didn't help.
If I thought they could be buffed out reasonably I would have considered it.

With it being a scratch/dent sale, replacement doors unfortunately not an option. (good thought though!)

When combined with the mess left by the drywall guys today, I have a super excuse for a big margarita tonight!

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What a bummer.


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I checked out new fridge doors for a client who hired a super cheap guy who came with a truck full of junk to trade her new fridge for the old one in the house she bought (putting the older one in her house she was selling)

He carefully took the doors off the scratched and dented fridge but moved the brand new one without even wrapping it, The new one looked worse than the old one when he was finished but she got exactly what she paid for.

Anyway the door was half the full retail price of her fridge. They are expensive.

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Holly- Kay

So sorry to hear of your experience. Our new fridge was delivered Tuesday. We have French doors in our library. DH told the delivery guys to bring the truck around the back and bring it in that way and then went back to his outside work. Some time later he went down to check up on them and they were at the front door measuring it up to make sure they could get it inside. The guys didn't speak English so he had to try to direct them with sign language. They finally understood and it was safely delivered.

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You certainly deserve to nurse both your disappointment and a margarita tonight. So sorry for your loss at the hands of incompetent delivery guys!

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Future Darwin Award winners.

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This is very timely since I have a KA CD refrigerator and a GE café gas range from Sears Outlet coming today to my totally unrenovated kitchen, and I'm already a little nervous about it. I had to hack out one of the ancient cabinets already in order to be sure there will be enough space for the new fridge, which seemed a reasonable thing to do since they will be demo'd as soon as I can get some contractor to finalize a plan and hand me a contract to sign. I have a small house and a currently tiny galley kitchen, so I'm already anxious about the possibility of damage for the fridge in particular.... Fingers crossed.

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I wonder if one of Them needed a new fridge.

Sometimes I wonder if, when something is already a scratch and dent, and already mostly written off, if they don't damage it further, get it for almost nothing and get it for the price of a new door at an employee discount. I wouldn't put it past someone to think up something like this.

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Check Craigslist. We were able to replace our microwave door this way. They had a MW that didn't run. I had a MW with a broken door. I had a brand new pair of roller skates, they had a brand new key. : )

They gave the door to me for free.

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I've been singing that all evening! my DD thinks I am a lunatic!

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LOL ! Me too. I can't get it out of my head.

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