My Kitchen Reveal

kbncanJune 7, 2013

With great apprehension I have finally built up the courage to post my kitchen. We just finished the backsplash after living here for 5 months already. When I first posted my "plan" i received some pretty negative reviews. I love some suggestions people give (sarcasm). My stove top area was one huge design blunder apparently..."it will be very cave like"...well I love it and with a 36" stove top to work on we sometimes have to cooks at the same time working on it! Also with high vaulted ceilings there is no cave like effect.
Anyway rant done.

Details from what I remember:
Fridge- LG counterdepth(love the water and ice on door)
Oven- Kithchenaid Oven/micro combo (thumbs up for convection cooking)
Warming Drawer- kitchenaid (very handy element for us)
Stove top - 36'Kitchenaid (love the large bridge element)
Vent- Kitchenaid downdraft vent (very quiet,powerful and not sticking out above for us 6' tall plus people to bang their heads!)
Dishwasher- Bosche (so quiet)
Sink - Kholer cast iron in black (my back beauty)
Faucet- I think it was Kholer
Counters- Island- Antique Brown (fantastic)
Perimeter - Quartz Aurora Snow
Cabinets- done by local cabinet maker, he mixed up our stain to what I wanted!
Backsplurge- Marble sunflower with a mix of thassos and carrera
Floors- factory finished white oak in a mocha stain I think.

We enjoy the "window seat" to watch the birds at the feeder out the window plus it is great space for large baking days! All the drawers were well worth it! The dedicated garbage/recycling pull-out is great. The dark cabinets are not any harder to clean. All it means is if you see a smudge it gets cleaned...yay i'm not hiding grime! I don't have any problems with finger prints on my stainless steel appliances. I do not have little children but one big teenager who has a problem using napkins and washing his hands!
Anyway it was a slow morning so a lot of chatter in me!

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Gorgeous! I think you have done a beautiful job with the space, and you've done a great job with the lighting.

Our remodel is supposed to start in the middle of July, and I'm going with the darker cabinets, dark counter tops and white backsplash just to get a little light in the kitchen! We're not changing the footprint of our 1970's kitchen as it works for me...

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Absolutely beautiful! I LOVE how big your space is, I'm totally jealous about the space and the high ceilings!

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Holly- Kay

Gorgeous! I love your cabinets and the hardware looks great with them.

I love how the light reflects off of your beautiful floor.

I hope you enjoy many years in your lovely kitchen!

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Love your kitchen!! Love the floors and everything about it :)

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I love it! Not sure why you would feel reluctant to post. Your kitchen is gorgeous. It is open and full of light. It is not cave like at all. My kitchen is a bit cave like, with dark hickory cabs to the ceiling, heavy crown and low ceilings! Yours is not cave like! It is beautiful. I have the same ovens. They are 2 years old now. I have used the self cleaning without incident. I absolutely love the convection roasting for my meats. Congratulations and enjoy!

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Beautiful space! I love how open and airy it is and I adore your island!

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Love everything about your kitchen. I only wish I lived in such a fabulous cave:) btw could you tell me where you got your knife holder? It's so unique and beaufitul.

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Just lovely! I think your finishes are very elegant - I like the dark cabs and both counter materials, all the clean lines. The knife holder made me laugh. Is your cooktop radiant or induction? Great job. Congratulations!

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Love your backsplurge! Everything looks beautiful!

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Kitchen is beautiful and where did you get that clock? LOVE it

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Very sleek and dramatic! Your pantry is making me a little jealous, too. In the end, we all have to choose the layout that works for us and if you love it, then yay for you! I think it is very beautiful.

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Your kitchen looks wonderful. It's so nice to see so many different spaces. Life would be really boring if we all enjoyed the same things. I've seen that knife holder before, it made me laugh in the store!

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I think it looks great :). I didn't get great love for my layout either, but decided it was the best for me. I did get a couple suggestions I was able to use so in the end it's all good!

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It's beautiful. I really like the dark stained cabinets and those amazing ceilings.

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Beautiful. Looks like the cabinet color mix-up was a good one! Can you post a closer picture of your backsplash. It looks great from a distance--would love to see details closer up.

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Love everything! I am totally considering that tile for my backsplash. It is beautiful! Would you mind sharing your ceiling height and the height of your stacked upper cabinets?

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I'm glad you posted so we can all enjoy your handiwork and that of others. You've done a fabulous job-love the cabinets, floors and that back splash. I was looking at thassos and a bit of marble pencil for BS today. It the thassos white in color or pinkish white? The sunflower pattern is karma: your kitchen is open and light.

Thanks for sharing your space. Many happy times for you and yours.

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Congratulations on reaching the finish line. Love your "backsplurge" -- thanks for the chuck. And your knife holder as well -- those expression of personality are often so rare these days.

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Thank-you everyone for the encouraging words! This Christmas (even though it wasn't completely finished) was the first year I felt at ease. It was the fact that we had the space to move! The space for people to enjoy without getting in my way!

Whistle - the clock I picked up from Pier One Imports

kam76- the height from floor to top of the moulding is 109" and ceiling in the kitchen I believe is 13-14' at the flat peak.

Spaklingwater- the thassos shows very white, no pink at all and very steady colour. the carrera is where we see the variation with even some gold brown to almost black pieces. Luckily we did the backsplash ourselves so I plucked out some really off pieces and exchanged them for others left over.

I don't know where the knife block came from... DH bought for me for a Xmas gift... It screamed ME! lol.

Here is a close up shot of the "back splurge" without grout,

The grout color we chose was silverado, very blendable.

Again thank-you everyone, and to everyone's posts over the couple of years that helped with some decisions. This forum was a big help! even with the constructive criticism.

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I think it looks lovely. Of course, I'm a bit biased since we're going dark floors and dark cabinets also (and yes, we may wind up in a cave because we don't have those gorgeous high ceilings that you have...but we're doing it to suit *us*)

I didn't look at all your images since they posted small here and I had to click on each one to make it larger (looks like your album isn't open to click through once at photobucket), but everything looks nice and it sounds like it's functioning well for you, which is what counts the most!

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What drama - love the modern vibe. I have serious pantry envy! Good job and really glad you posted. Can you make the pictures bigger in the post? Many people many not realize that you can click on the pics and see them in a larger size on photobucket.

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Thanks for explaining the thassos, kbncan. Maybe it will work for me.

Enjoy every minute and bite in that new space with friends and family!

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What a beautiful kitchen! I love the dark wood cabinets!

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Such a dramatic space! Love how open the whole space feels.
I'd like a whole house tour actually.
What are you measurements between island and other counters? Just wondering, all looks great.

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Very cool and dramatic kitchen! The floors are stunning. I love your bs, it is beautiful and fun!

I just put in a banquette/window seat to watch the hummingbirds visit my fuchsias. It's often great entertainment!

Congratulations on finishing your lovely kitchen. Enjoy!

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