larrylwill -question about granite seam

iris16June 28, 2008


Can you detail a bit more how you colored your granite seam.

It looks amazing.

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iris 16:
The markers are very important. They should be permanent markers, you also need 0000 steal wool.
I started by first testing the permanent marker to see that it would leave a permanent mark on the granite, however most of the ink will be on the seam epoxy. Next on the sample make a small line with a dark color and use some 0000 steel wool to gently scrub it off. 0000 will not scratch. The longer you leave the marker the harder it will be to remove. So to get grey I made a line with black and immediately started to scrub side to side over the seam NOT with the seam. This made a black or gray line seem to continue. Some places I scrubbed very gently with the line this smears the ink and blends it,scrub harder to remove more and lighten the color. Different color markers will also appear different on the granite than the markers really are, so be careful. If you start as soon as you apply the marker you can remove 99% of it but if you wait too long you are stuck with it. I was lucky and I used mostly black. I worked a little more on it last night. Here is another picture.
If you want to see pictures of what happens email me.

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Holy cow! Did you dream that up yourself? Very impressive.

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brilliant! that looks GREAT.

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Hi larrylwill -

This is a great trick! Can you tell me, if you have granite such as mine, blue pearl, would you use a black pen - or should I use a dark blue? The fabricator is sending their "A Team" out tomorrow to try to make it better - but if that doesn't work I'm going to try the pens. TIA

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Start with a black Sharpie which is water proof. Remember if you mark your counter and wait a few seconds, it will not come off so be careful.

Take the marker in one hand and 0000 steel wool in the other.
Look for an area that you can bridge black to black first.
Make a light mark bridging the black. Immediately start erasing it with the steel wool. If you do it fast it will lighten the mark and scatter it. You will get the idea as you start. The longer you let it dry before using the SW the darker it will be, so start quickly until you get a feel. If you scrub it immediately you can take it all off, but wait 15 seconds and its too late. You will see that you can take the black marker from black to light gray with a little scrubbing. It only takes a few seconds. You will be able to blend by how hard and the direction of the scrub.
After you do all you can with the black, try a dark blue one, same procedure. Maybe a light blue one. Remember the first time to start scrubbing immediately and you can remove it completely but wait 10 sec and you cant.
After you get it like you want you can protect it by buying some fiberglass resin from HD $15, mix a small amount and with a small brush apply over the seam. Its similar to what they use to a resin coat that comes on most granites now.

Post finished pictures. Don't be afraid and good luck.

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Wow! The difference is incredible! I'm inspired! The seams on our AB counters are also quite visible and while the installers did come back and darken the epoxy, they're still obvious. As soon as I get up the nerve to try, I'm going to see if I can work the same magic Larry did!

(The fabricators said they didn't follow the MIA guidelines for seams [see Stone Advice thread]...they implied, but didn't come right out and say it, that the guidelines were too stringent!)

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WOW, that looks great.
Your granite is beautiful, what's it called?

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Here is the other seam. It was not as good due to the granite match was not as good.

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Our granite was a good match but it had a seam line, though not bad. Our son who is an architect used a "graphite?" marker on it and blended it.

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