Aqua & White Kitchen, moved in!

shkishJune 25, 2012

I've been meaning to do this for a while, but with moving in, settling in and raising a baby and a 4 year old, it just got put on the back burner!

Our new home is finally complete! Here is our kitchen. Now, it's not perfect for everyone, but it suits me just fine :) We took our past experiences with what we've lived with in the last 3 homes and married with what I thought I wanted from gleaning through GW and magazines (and kitchen standards from NKBA). Some of it works exactly like I hoped, other things I'm still warming up to.

For budget reasons, I did an extensive amount of leg work to get everything I wanted! By searching online and locally for the best deals, coupons, free shipping, etc. I got almost everything to stay reasonably at our budget. I did have to let go of 2 major items, but they can be added later. First, the backsplash, a relatively do-able thing to add ourselves. (I originally wanted Oceanside Glass Tile's 1x2 rectangular shaped stained glass tile in iridescent white.) Second was the built-in china cabinet/buffet/bar in dining area. The niche is there waiting and for now our old beat-up vintage cabinet lives there... not what i'd envisioned, but working enough for now. And as it turns out, I've decided it's a good thing that it will be added later as I want to totally redesign the unit and get it priced by a local custom cabinet maker.

Paint: (all SW brand paint but colors are below)

walls in Kitchen - SW Sea Salt SW6204

walls in all other public areas - BM Natural Wicker OC-1

all trim - BM White Dove OC-17


4" Red Oak with a mix of 3 parts Natural & 1 part Antique Brown stains (sorry don't know company name). Floor guy also tinted one of the top coats a bit to make finish a tad bit darker, so that formula is only partially correct.


Cheaha Cabinets, painted Pinhoti door style in company's standard "Pure White" throughout home except on kitchen Island which is SW Rainwashed SW6211


3cm Cararra marble, honed, eased edge


knobs - Martha Stewart Living @ Home Depot 1 1/4" polished nickel "Finial Knobs"

Pulls - Martha Stewart Living @ Home Depot "3.75" Country pull" in polished nickel

pull-out trash bin - rev-a-shelf

interior doors - "Commonwealth" levers by Kwikset in Iron Black


Range - LG Studio 30" electric LSE3092ST

hood - Broan EW58 (with chimney extension FXNE58SS)

Microwave - LG LMV1813ST

Frige - LG LFX31925ST

Dishwasher - LDF6920ST

undermount Sink, main - Ticor S1205

undermount Sink, island - Ticor S815

faucet, main - Delta Leland in Chrome 978-DST

faucet, island - Delta Leland bar/prep in Chrome 9978-DST

soap dispenser @ main sink - target blue glass

garbage disposals @ each sink

air switch with countertop buttons @ each sink - ordered through Galaxy Tool Supply


School house pendants & semi-flush mount in Pewter by Savoy House through

4" mini recessed cans

Mariestad 6 light chandelier by Ballard Design

under cabinet LED dim-able lights - (custom kit, AWESOME customer service)


the "Tiny Kitchen" - designed by me, built by my dad, delivered by Santa

Child's easel - Land of Nod, honey finish

thru-wall dog door - trimmed out by our contractor to match our home, energy efficient locking unit by Freedom Pet Pass. (I highly recommend them!)

Also, we will be adding stools when we can afford them. Some of our images show two black stools, we borrowed those for a home pilgrimage we participated in. I have since decided that I definitely want white stools! What I'm holding out for is Crate and Barrel's "Vienna" stool or Design Within Reach's "Era Counter Stool" each in white.

That's all I can think of now, but I'm sure there will be more questions and I'm happy to answer!

FYI these 1st 3 pictures are fancy pics taken and digitally stitched by my husband with the computer (no clue how, that's his deal). Those pics were taken right before we had an open house on the local Spring Pilgrimage. The last 3 pics are from today, very much lived in and REAL. So it's why you see the booster seats, my daughter's easel, art supplies, the tiny kitchen, dog food and the dog door open...

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So pretty and I just love the aqua island!

Have fun in your new kitchen!

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your kitchen is lovely,did a great job,etc. Must say though,that dining area has infinite potential for a whole lot of style to come for the finished result. do you have to redo the hutch? I rather think leave it the original configuration. I could see a large painting or some art like tall pottery atop-kind of filling in the blank up to soffit line. The petite and clear items there now don't give a hint as to what could happen in that spot. The windows are smashing in their size and proportion and spacing. I would plan for money saving and search for a new dining set-something that really takes your fancy,with a definite style. The introduction of color-whether a rug/valances/wall color/tablecloth,etc and working with table/chairs/hutch [as is] will give such a beautiful embellishment to the good work on your kitchen.

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Looks great! I love seeing all the kid stuff since that's my reality as well! LOL! It looks like such a wonderful and peaceful place to cook. I'm sure the kids running in circles around you change that, but those colors are so relaxing. Congratulations! :)

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Really pretty kitchen. Very cool and calm looking.

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HerbFlavor - the dining built-in will infill that entire niche-wall to wall, soffit ceiling to floor. Much like the pantry wall in our Kitchen (where microwave is). I know it will be painted white cabinets, some with glass fronts to display china and it will also have some counter top for a buffet and bar area.
A different dining table and seating will have to wait... i decided about 2 years ago, I'd outgrown my original tastes in our current dining furniture! But it'll have to do for now. It does dress up nicely when I get all the nice linens out.

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Really lovely. It looks like such a relaxing place to be, I'd feel like I'm at the beach. Love the marble counters and the island color. Enjoy, you did a great job.

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Do you have any before pictures? I love the after even without knowing the before though. It looks so functional and charming, and I especially like the wall with the microwave and cabinets. All that storage. Drool.

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Sweet! I love how the kitchen is kind of tucked away in its own niche yet opened up to your DR. It looks like you maximized usage of your space.

Love the white and aqua! Very soft and pretty without being kitschy or cutsie.

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Oh, that is sooooo pretty! I love your island! This is really a soothing, serene looking space.

I totally love this! Congrats and enjoy!

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Very pretty! I love the interplay between the cool walls and counters and the lovely warm floor. The pendants are perfect. You did a great job, it's just lovely.

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Mari8a - our home is all new construction, so no before pictures!

Thanks all for your sweet comments, it's nice to hear others like all our hard work too!

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That is SO pretty!! I used the rainwashed in my master bath, but abandoned my island, and don't know if I can bring myself to paint the table!

The entire house looks great!


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Look. That hutch thing you're not so fond of?
I'll come get it when you're through. I promise. Just say the word. I'll throw myself on it for you.

All in all, you've got a lovely clean and bright kitchen!
Great job! :)

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What a beautiful home you have!!! I love the colors and everything in your kitchen is so well thought out and so well proportioned. That really makes a difference and you got it right! It's so fresh and pretty, I love it! Congrats!

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CEFreeman - don't get me wrong, our hutch has been a great! Bought it used right after we got married 9 years ago and I still like it's styling/shape/design. (the pictures hide it's worn spots and age...) But we've out grown it. We had our heart set on a large built-in that would hold all what the existing hutch holds and MUCH more. So we are feeling it now not having the extra storage...

Hey when we are ready to let it go, maybe we'll call you! :) depends on where you live though, as it's a pick-up only kind of item!

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Looks beautiful. So clean, bright and crisp! Enjoy.

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It is lovely. Light, clean, airy, yet grounded with those beautiful warm floors, and filled with practicality.

What's on the other side of the island, and where do you keep your dishes? I'm curious as to how big your kitchen is -- it looks like a nice size.

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As you know, I love it! It's funny that the island color looks so much nicer than rain washed looks on the swatch. Not that the swatch is bad at all but it looks lighter/prettier on the island : )

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So SO pretty! Just a great job! Have you checked out the Vapor barstools by CB2?

Here they are in a white kitchen. I just love 'em!

Traditional Kitchen design by Dc Metro General Contractor Harry Braswell Inc.

Here is a link that might be useful: Vapor Bar Stools

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Very pretty and bright! Love the aqua island, it makes me feel like it's just more comfortable to sit at and work on with such a soft and airy colour. Hope you're loving it to pieces.

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What a beautiful kitchen! What a shiny fridge, too. Can a fridge be pretty?

I like the silver stools posted above. I was thinking that might be a neat touch before BlackChamois posted the pic, and esp. if you got something interesting like those. They'd really show off against the aqua and play off the DW and fridge, too.

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@shkish - Can you post some close-up pics of your cab doors and hardware? Loooove your kitchen!

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Classy, Classic and absolutely Gorgeous!

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Scootermom - Our kitchen is not huge, but they traffic flow is not through my work space, so it functions so much better than anything i've ever had! The kitchen footprint is about 10'-4" deep by 14'-10" long (these are the wall to wall dimensions inside the opening separating the kitchen from dining, which includes all the cabinetry). My clear workspace between range counter and island is 4 foot, all other clearances are 3 feet. My island is 3'-7" x 4'-9".

You can see where I house my dishes and glasses below. On the bottom, the spice pullout is immediately to the right of the range. To the right of that is my baking cabinet and flatware drawer. To the left of the range are all my pots, pans and lids and the cooking/baking utensil drawer.

My island holds 2 cabinet boxes, one 39" base that we swapped one drawer for the sink and a 18" cabinet base we converted to a double trash bin pullout. The junk drawer is over the trash bins and the knife/gadget drawer is in the middle. The drawer face at the sink flips out to house srubbies.
(Excuse the dishes in sink...)

BlackChamois - I like the idea of the vapor bar stools (and the Ghost Stools too), but have been nixed by the husband... He fears they will get scratched, thus ruined, from pocket items, buttons, kids, etc. We both agree we need backs on the stools for comfort and our small children. And we agree the stools should not be black...

Here's a close up of our cabinet doors and hardware:

see link below for hardware! I bought them in HD at special order desk so I could use my 10 or 20 percent off coupon. The shipping was free, so it was a win/win!

white doors

SW "rainwashed" doors. this is a very hard color to accurately photograph! It is soft, subtle and changes greatly throughout the day with the different lighting conditions, natural and artificial.

*will post another post with Knob link... can't figure out how to do 2 in one post OR do i have the time to figure out the html code

Here is a link that might be useful: MSL Pulls

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so pretty!! enjoy!

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link for the knobs we used. They are a very nice weight, despite their price tag! So far they are performing nicely. Pulls too, for that matter.

you'll have to copy and paste link, for some reason GW is not reading this a working link.... although i get it to work each time!

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