Power failure light on refrigerator

flphotogJune 21, 2014

A friend of mind has a Frigidaire refrigerator and the "power failure" light has come on a couple times lately due to power dropping briefly.
Her question is when this light comes on does the power to the refrigerator stay off until the light is reset or is the light just a notification and the refrigerator continues to run once the power comes back on and the light is just a notification that there was a power failure.
Logic would indicate the later but just want to be sure as she will be out of town for a few weeks.


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Power Fail
The POWER FAIL indicator light informs you that due
to a power failure the cabinet temperature exceeded
23úF (-5úC). If the power failure lasted more than one
(1) hour the display alternates between showing the
power failure duration (Hours and DURATION LED
illuminate in the display) and the cabinet temperature
(úF or úC illuminates) every ý second. This safety
feature will aid in determining what food spoilage action
to take.
The Power Fail indicator light and duration display can
be turned off by pressing the Alarm Off Key.

From http://documents.designerappliances.com/Owners-Guide-FPUH19D7LF.pdf

www.frigidaire.com USA 1-800-944-9044 www.frigidaire.ca Canada 1-800-265-8352

It doesn't say a model. Just Frigidaire freezer, 2010, but it's reasonable to assume the same for all models.

By the above, they're trying to tell you that your food might have spoiled while you were out, even if it has refrozen. Frozen food is trickier than fresh, which is usually cool enough for a day if the fridge is never opened. It becomes a big, insulated ice chest. You should check the internal temperature when you open the door if you're there when the power comes on.. If the fridge is above 40ð, the high spoilage things should be thrown out. The vegetables should be fine if they're not noticeably gone bad. If the freezer rises above melting for more than an hour, all the food, especially things that melt fast and won't be reheated, are suspect.

It's much harder to know if you just have the duration indicator to go by, but that's better than only knowing by an electric clock that there was a power failure at all. It will take some time for the air in the fridge part to get above 40ð, and even longer for the food to get that warm. Once it is at 40ð, the food should be good for another 2-4 hrs., depending on what it is. If the temperature has risen, however, it could take longer than that for the fridge to cool down again. Use common sense. Like a closed carton of milk has the mass and lack of air exposure to stay good a little longer, whereas the open one that the teenager has been drinking straight out of needs to be pitched, period.

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