Feedback on white paint for cabinets?

OUKatieJune 21, 2011

Trying to select a Benjamin Moore white for the cabinets. I think we've narrowed it down to Chantilly Lace. Any feedback/constructive criticism? I want something that goes with the white in the backsplash, so not too yellow. Something more on the grey side, I think. The wall color will not be changing.

(The weird pink tone in the second picture is just the reflection from the oak cabinets.)

Other whites we considered were Simply White, Cotton Balls, and Cloud White. All were too warm for this marble.

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If the lighting in your first photo is accurate, and if my screen looks the same as your screen, I'd say you have a gorgeous match! The marble backsplash, dark counters, and white cabinets will look amazing, and I'd like to know what color your walls are painted.

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Go with your gut.

We ended up with Cloud White, because it looked best in our space, with our lighting etc. We had all the large $5 BM color chips in the house in every bloody shade of 'white' they make. I think I'm going to wallpaper a room with them now.

After going back and forth, and back again, we ended up going with CW based purely on a gut check.

From the pics it looks good to me.

Here's our Cloud White kitchen, with gorgeous hand-made plywood counters. The marble counters are going in this week.

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Tim: GORGEOUS kitchen! I'm jealous :) The Cloud White looks great on your cabinets. The marble we used is a very white/grey marble (Contempo White). I feel ya on the eight hundred samples of white.

Micki: The first photo is very accurate. Chantilly Lace was actually in last place until the backsplash went up, then it became clear that the others that I was leaning towards (Cloud White and Simply White) just wouldn't work. The paint color is Restoration Hardware's Sea Green color matched to Benjamin Moore paint. The rest of the main living areas are a shade and a half lighter (RH Silver Sage). I prefer the Sea Green.

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Fori is not pleased

What do you have on your door and other white woodwork in there? If it looks as good in person, I'd just go with that. It's the lazy way to pick a white, but if it works you know it. (And you won't have to repaint the door.)

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Hi Katie,

I saw your other post and smiled. I'm doing almost the exact same thing to my oak kitchen - builder grade oak cabinets, white counter top - except in the opposite order that you've done yours. I picked a light blue wall color, black quartz countertop, and a marble backsplash. The countertop should come in later this week (hopefully) and I should finish painting the cabinets then too. I picked BM White Dove. I will try to take a pic and post it so you can see it next to the wall color (BM Yarmouth Blue).

Anyway, so glad you posted because I can see the part of my kitchen that isn't yet complete (countertop and backsplash)!
- Lauren

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I can't help on the color selection, but I immediately thought of this great thread from a few weeks ago so I wanted to share it. It was a lengthy discussion on the protocol for painting cabinets without longterm issues. Hope it helps!

Here is a link that might be useful: link on painting cabs

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My cabs are being made as I type and will be white. I've been through a couple of shades of white, but find that the creamier whites like White Dove and Cloud White do not look good with my Carrara for the counters. The marble is very gray and makes those whites look dirty yellow blah.

I found Chantilly Lace which seems perfect. I even took my marble sample to the BM store and looked at it with their large chip of CL. Looked good. The store owner said that CL is about as warm as you can go without getting yellowy. Cotton Balls was the only warmer yellow that might not look too bad with my light and materials.

My cab painter is working on a door sample in CL today. I should be getting it in the next couple of days. I sure hope it's the one!

Your sample looks great on my monitor with your materials. I like the idea of checking it against your trim. I like white cabs for your house.

OT--Toronto Tim, I keep seeing these gorgeous snippets of your kitchen here and on Appliances. I'm so excited to see your marble and the finished room!

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OK - this is way too convoluted. I tried to post, but it got rejected - apparently if you post more than one time on a thread you have to change the subject line??? Hmmm.

Anyways, here's the pic, but it seems that other posters may think White Dove msy not be a good fit for you. I should have taken a pic with the cabinet next to the carrara backsplash tile and countertop sample. Sorry that it is so dark - yet another storm is rolling in and I don't have all the lighting up in the kitchen yet so it's not the best lighting.

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And yet another issue. Not sure what I did, but it wasn't posting a pic. I give up for now. I like your choice anyways :)

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We went through the same process. Since we were getting rid of the old cabinets we picked up about 15 of those little sample bottles from our BM dealer and painted the old cabinet doors to get a better idea. We ended up with BM Gardenia which may be too warm for you, but it's worth a look.
Here's a shot.

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I vote for the chantilly lace. From the first pic on my monitor it looks perfect (if you must paint those cabinets, wink...wink:)).


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ya that first pic looks great - went the real computer to get a better look. the color is right on.
I went with Cloud White - i cant imagine it looking too yellow... it's crazy bright-white to me... in MY space that is!

I love your Marble BS - it goes so well with the counters... Im kinda wishing i was doing that now. :o\

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Wow, thanks for the great feedback, everyone! I'm 90% settled on the Chantilly Lace but I'm going to take a look at White Dove when I get back from my mom-daughter trip to D.C. The hubs will be holding down the fort, goodness help us.

It's funny how all of the elements of a kitchen can bring out different tones in a paint. The Gardenia is beautiful but my swatch looks almost pinkish when compared to the Chantilly Lace. Cloud White is such a great classic's funny how grey next to it can bring out a yellow that is otherwise hard to see.

You guys have given me lots of great tips and lots to think about! I need to go through the thread slowly and consider it all :) Thanks for the tips, btw! I'll talk to my dad and see how the painters are going to do this. Luckily, we are not DIYing and are getting to use his painters that normally do high-end custom jobs so I have a lot of confidence in them. Hopefully it will all turn out well. My dad has been a huge help...unlike most contractors he has great taste and he's such a perfectionist, so I have no doubt it will all turn out perfectly.

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This is something I love very much about this forum. I so enjoy seeing someone else's style. I can only choose one for my own kitchen, yet there are so many wonderful options out there. I know a white kitchen is not the choice for me, but I sure do enjoy gazing at the ones that get posted here!!
I don't have to want something in my own home to appreciate it's beauty and style. I think that can be said for many things; variety is the spice of life :-).
I think your cabinets will look great!

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This post came at a perfect time since later on this year, I will be painting my cabinets and all the white colors you have discussed, I had looked into when I was going to paint an Lingerie Chest last year but ended up buying one refinished after all. I guess I will have to see which shade of white looks best in my kitchen but I hate my light in the ceiling so I may have to change out that first.

Love the Cloud White Cabinets so much (color and style) but also loved the Chantilly Lace another poster has in her kitchen (one with the light pale blue refrigerator and blue floor). I also loved kitchens with Dove White Cabinets and other shades of white so I guess the color chosen depends on the other colors around it and the lighting.

For the original poster, the Chantilly Lace so far looks best with your backsplash

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I think chantilly lace looks perfect! Good luck with painting! I'm going with cloud white on our cabinets but our kitchen has warmer more yellow tones as opposed to the cooler tones. I think you are right on!

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Katie, did you end up choosing Chantilly Lace? How does it look? Any pics to post?

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