Help With Kitchen Granite Fabrication Cost

bella41June 15, 2013

I live in the SF Bay Area, so I expect the cost of fabrication to be higher here, but I wanted a sanity check on the bid I got from a fabricator whom I like.

We have an 8' by 4.5' island and 200" linear of counter. All edges have a 45 degree bevel.

The quote is for $4K. Is that reasonable? What other factors would come into it?


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Are there cutouts in it? For a sink or anything?

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Does that include the stone?

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I purchased the granite separately, so the $4K is only for fabrication and installation. There is one cut-out in the counter for the main sink and one smaller one on the island for the prep sink.

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That cost seems in line to me. I'm in Phoenix area.

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That seems kind of high to me. I'm in rural Western Washington, and we are getting more granite for about $5000. That includes fabrication - I can't remember the price breakdown, though. We just have one cutout (for the sink) though...we are getting ours from a local stoneyard that is a major supplier of granite throughout the Seattle/Everett area. They sell/fabricate and install, so maybe that makes a difference?

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That seems extremely high to me. All 6 of the granites we chose were level 1 (just got lucky that these worked the best with the cabinets and tile we had chosen). Level 1 granite was about $35sf and that was for both fabrication and granite. Cutouts were extra, don't remember exactly how much. We chose one of the several edge profiles they offered that were no up charge. So, for your 75sf it would have been around $2700 plus the cutouts, so maybe $3000 total cost including fabrication AND granite.

Edited to say: I am over 2500 miles away from you, in NC, so not the same market at all.

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It seem within range for the Bay Area, perhaps on the high side for fabrication alone, depending on the edge. What type of edge are you specifying?

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Our edge is a single 45 degree bevel, so it looks like it's about $500-$1K too much. Thanks for the help!

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Who pays if the slab cracks/chips/has internal flaws?

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Here in Portland, the way it worked was we went to the granite yard and picked out a slab. Then we went to the fabricator and paid them half of their quoted price. They picked up the slab and stored it until we were ready (several months). The slabs had price codes at the granite yard but I suspect the fabricator paid less than the price code. Our granite was fabricated into a piece somewhat larger than 5 feet squarish with a cutout for the stove top. They also cut the remaining part of the granite into small pieces that we can use for outdoor table tops. The price was $2700 total. The granite is seafoam green, a mid priced granite.

That is my only granite experience. We did get quotes from several fabricators and the price was very close in all the quotes.

For the sink counter top, we used Zodiaq (engineered stone). It was about the same square footage and about the same price. The fabrication was more complex due to scribing to the wall, inside corner, sink cutout... more fitting in general.

We did a simple eased edge in both cases

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