Z-Brick help for a backsplash please!

megsyJune 8, 2009

Hi, everyone. Lurker to this forum but first time poster.

We are looking at z-brick for our backsplash in the kitchen. We really like the product and its ease of installation. We will be sealing it so it's easy to clean.

My problem is that I really like the way it looks in a blog that I found linked here. (http://www.kitchenbitchin.com/uploaded_images/IMG_5763-722970.JPG) The blog that featured StoveGirl's kitchen mentions that she used "Mesa Beige" (http://finishedkitchens.blogspot.com/2006/12/stovegirls-kitchen.html), though I haven't been able to confirm that on StoveGirl's personal blog.

And z-brick's website's photo of Mesa Beige (http://www.z-brick.com/page2.html) is really dark so I'm worried that it won't look like Stove Girl's in real life just in case that's not the pattern she used, kwim?

I've looked locally and no one carries the Mesa Beige so I'd have to order it online.

Any insight you might have would be awesome.

Thanks in advance!


P.S. We have a pretty decent remodeling job going on in our kitchen and I'm planning to post before and after pics once the job is finished.

Here is a link that might be useful: Z-Brick Products

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An aunt of mine had a z-brick (or a look-alike) as her kitchen backsplash, she complained that with the rough surface it was very difficult to keep clean and the slightly recessed morter joints made perfect little shelves for dirt, grease and grime.

She was downright giddy when the z-brick was being torn out.

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I hadn't thought about that, Bob. Thanks for the tip.

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Hi. Stovegirl here. I have never had a problem with Z brick...been cooking in that kitchen for three years and the brick looks as good as day one. We sealed it with the recommended sealer. I completeley recommend Z brick, but as you can see, I didn't use it behind my stove, so I didn't have the problems with grease or grime.

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Hi there, the actual Z-brick used in Stovegirl's kitchen is NOT mesa beige, it's Burnt Sienna. Trust me, I'm her boyfriend and I'm the guy who actually did all of that brickwork. :)

You can contact z-brick and they will send you some sample bricks so you can get a feel for the exact materials and colors. Highly recommended. Even certain bricks from the same color will vary quite a bit. Especially styles like Burnt Sienna which have weathering, etc.

Their recommended sealer worked great as well.

Lastly, a really easy cheap way to make sure the brick comes out looking straight and perfect is to buy a dowel in the thickness of the grout width you want. For example, if you want a 1/4" grout line, just buy a wooden dowel that's also 1/4" thick in diameter. Then cut a few segments of the dowel about an inch long and keep them in your pocket. When you lay the first line of brick nice and level and straight, from then on, just use the dowel as a guide and press it into the brick below and then you'll always know you're exactly 1/4" away, etc. Makes it soooo easy to so that.

The hard part of that entire project was cutting the z-brick around the power outlets and the angled pieces. Just expect to break a lot of them since they are thin, and some bricks may need to be cut in weird pieces, etc.

Good luck!

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Oh you guys, I'm so glad you posted on this thread! Thank you so much. I had a feeling Mesa Beige wasn't the color and I'm so glad I thought to ask!

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Stovegirl and whos the bosch,

Where did you get your z-brick? I'm having a hard time finding it locally.

Also, did you find the 3.5 sqft per pack accurate?

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And one more question:

Did you use the natural colored adhesive?

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How many followups can one ask?

A million, it seems ...


What size grout line did you use?

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My mom has had z brick on her kitchen black splash for over 30 years and I have never heard her complain about them being hard to clean and she has white countertops that are always snow white so she would complain. The brick looks as good as it did when my dad put it in years ago.

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We had to buy it online. I think we bought everything online. I can ask my bf later for the specifics about the grout line, etc...

I can't wait to see your kitchen!

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doitbest.com offered free site to store shipping so thankfully I was able to do that. Ace Hardware wanted $100+ for shipping. And it wasn't available at Lowe's.

I am curious about your grout line. I'm leaning more toward 1/4", DH toward 1/2" so we'll probably meet around 3/8ths and call it a day.

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And hey, thanks again Stovegirl for your help :)

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We manufacture and supply the original Z-Brick products to all ACE, Do It Best, True Value, Sutherland Hardware stores and are stocked in all Menards stores. We also special order to all Lowe's at their commercial sales order desk since 2008. Send us pictures of your Z-Brick finished projects! Customerservice@z-brick.com Attn: Jill

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