Honed or Antiqued Virginia Mist

sheaeusJune 5, 2010

Does anyone have either of these and can you share pics? I have seen the antiqued in person and liked it, am also considering the honed. Is one less maintenance than the other?

Any other feedback would also be great - thanks

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I tried to bump a few images earlier hopefully they
will show up.

I have Virginia Jet Mist and I love it. Honed. It is
essentially bullet proof. Well, don't spill oil on it if
you can help it. I love my granite and would get
honed jet mist all over again.


Ebse Jet Mist garden web post


Swirly Jet Mist and fire and ice backsplash

Honed granite reviews???


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my mom has honed Virginia Mist and it's gorgeous. Antiqued would look similar - you can't go wrong with either.

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I tried to bump up the posts. Sorry that did not work.
Here are some images and a few quotes so you can see how
much others have loved their's Honed VJM granite.

This is from Dee of Garden web.

I've had them for two years. By no stretch of the imagination would I consider them a nightmare. I have noticed that when I look at the counters from a certain angle that I see eraser type marks, but definitely no scratches. I keep meaning to try some impregnator but the marks really aren't noticeable.

There are some other pictures of my kitchen in the "under 20k" thread.

Go for it!
~Dee (May 2009)

These ar Jax1723's counters

I'm happy with the finger print/streaking issue (and things like that tend to bother me).
I'd say overall they come off as being more charcoal grey (though there's some black specks). Here's a photo to give you a reference point with something truly black in it:

These are Jeanteach's counters from Garden web.

I could not find a quote from her but I remember she
likes her counters.


And here are a few pictures of my counters

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