Kitchen layout - need input!

monbon11June 15, 2013

I've been lurking here for a while, but now that we are ready to order our cabinets I wanted to ask your opinions on kitchen layout, mostly because I need affirmation that this will in fact look good when we are done.

We recently purchased our 110 year old home that still had the original kitchen. We decided to take down the small walls of the pantry to make the kitchen larger and allow an eat-in island arrangement. We are not living in the house yet (as it is a construction zone) so I don't have a great sense of the space.

We have selected Medallion shaker style cabinets in white icing. Attached is the birds eye view. We think we will want to add some lower cabinets on the right hand wall (which leads into the formal dining room), but want to wait until we live with it for a little while to better understand the space.

Essentially I just want feedback. This is my first kitchen remodel after dreaming of a kitchen for many years, I want to get it right. Any ideas are welcome!

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Looks good. You might consider putting the range to the right of the sink and moving the fridge along the same wall in front of the island (closer to the sink). Would give you a good work triangle and keeps traffic out of the cook zone. Or just move the fridge to the right of the sink if that is easier.

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Kathy Rivera

I think the range is too far away from the sink. You either need a prep sink in the island or need to move the range. Are you going to prep your chicken by the range then walk all the way over to the sink to wash your hands. Then back to the range when, oops, I forgot to wash the green beans I was about the drop in the water, so back over to the sink then dripping water all over the floor on the way to the range, etc.

I'd either move the range to the far right wall so you can prep in the corner. Or, I'd move the wine fridge to the right wall and put a prep sink in the island. Come to think of it, I'd move the wine fridge to the perimeter regardless. That way someone else can get to it if someone is prepping at the island or cleaning up the dishes.

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Swap the pantries and the range, and put the DW on the left side of the sink. Then the island won't need the prep sink which eats up too much space on the small island. Also scoot the fridge closer down to the doorway with the pantries down near the eating area. I'd also eliminate seating at the island in favor of a small table where you show the cabinetry at the bottom.

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Thank you all!

I'm in a bit of a tight spot as the range has to stay where it is for venting purposes (I am told by my contractor) and the sink has to stay where it is based on the plumber's insistence. I will consider putting the DW on the other side to change the workflow.

live_wire_oak - the jut-out on the bottom wall in the picture is actually the chimney and the back side of the formal dining room built in, so that has to stay put. The large island is our only real option for an eat-in kitchen given the room dimensions.

Again, thank you! I will be back with more requests for opinions as the process continues.

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