IKEA kitchen sale!

raee_gwJune 25, 2013

Just came into my inbox: From June 28-August 25

10% off if you spend $3500
20% off if you spend $4500

Wasn't expecting another sale until September

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I ordered my cabinets at the April sale and they are FINALLY being delivered tomorrow! Had I known there was another sale, I would have waited, but it's good I didn't since delivery is taking 2 months!!

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OMG.. this is earlier than I thought! I'm going to have to get my sh*t together for my pantry and rec room kitchen!

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Kind of weird.
So, if you "spend" 4,000.00, you end up paying the same as if you "spent" 4,500.00, i.e. you pay 3,600?

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raee -- have you seen anything about their pax storage sale? I'm planning on pax closets in my new build, but haven't heard anything... anyone?

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carsonheim, I've not seen anything about the pax system being on sale. Just anything and everything for the kitchen.

Yes, nosoccermom, that is how the math works out!

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