Caesarstone Pricing per sq ft.

chefwongJune 28, 2012

Xpost...put the original post in the wrong forum

I know this question is regional and also subjective to alot of things....edge treatment, the *cost* of built in stuff like templating and such....

I just got the initial quote from a vendor we have used throughout the years. But this was on a much larger scale - kitchens, etc.

Just got a quote for a 36W Vanity top. Caestsont or Danby Marble, straight edge treatment, undermount sink so the cut out/polished edges on 3 sides. Kinda blown away at the 2 quotes I have in my hand.

Danby Marble at $930...

but wait.

Pure White Caeasarstone at $1350.

Is the Pure White that much in cost.

Or could it be a *built* in cost as they don't stock the slab and would need to order it.

This shop specialized in stone and granite. Huge lots of various kinds in their 5 or 6 yards they own. Caesar being ???? maybe a special order.

Sounds way high right ?

I don't need to second guess their stone price. It's always within local market pricing if not better !

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In order to fabricate a 36" vanity they have to purchase at least a half slab if he did not have the material in stock, if that is the case, I suspect that there is a pretty hefty "waste" charge in there. On the other hand, engineered stone can be significantly more money than natural stone and in the long run you may be happier with engineered stone as it doesn't etch which is an issue I have seen frequently with marble vanities... I would ask him what he has for white remnants, I do that for my customers all the time to help them save a bit of money and helps my fabricators use up some of the odds and ends that get piled up...

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Hi Cates :

It boiled down to 3 stones. It's actually for the laundry room. Honed or Polished Danby Marble. The current lot -- is perfect...just a hint of grey veining. These were my 1st choice. Seconds was the Caesarstone.

This time, function is winning out over Fashion and I'm going with my 2nd choice just due to ~function~.

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Caesarstone is going to probably hold up better in a laundry room than marble with minimal maintenance.

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Wow. Did you check their yard for a remnant you like? We are having 2 36" wide vanity tops made from granite (white Nepal) and its less than the Danby Marble quote. If they have a remnant you like, it should be a good cost savings for you. Maybe talk to a fabricator who uses ceasarstone often to see if they have any remnants from a big kitchen project?

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chefwong, unfortunately I am not surprised.

I recently spent $900 on a 31 x 19 inch white quartz vanity top. I'm pretty sure it is Caesarstone Pure White but I never asked about the manufacturer. My top is a double thickness around the edge so it appears to be 2.5 inches thick (although it is normal thickness at the sink cutout.

I saw a model on display and loved the clean, pure white color and super modern look and just told the person in the kitchen and bath store that I wanted a top like that. He took care of ordering it, but forgot to tell me the price. When I asked about and he sent me the bill, I was shocked to see it was $900.

The ironic thing is that while I loved it in the showroom, it is my least favorite thing in my new bathroom. It looks really white (almost too white) when compared with my darker tile and Toto toilet. I also notice the water spots on it. In retrospect, I wish I had gone with something with a little pattern.

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This stuff does cost somewhat up there....I was just sticker shocked that was at least $500 more than where it should be.

I've hemmed and hawned at this.
The difference for me is the main focus is the white lacquered cabinets. So the stone should not fight visually with it. And I looked at EVERY stone out there. I want honed Danby marble...Caesarstone is a compromise for function and long term usability.

Talk about regret. I once did a bathroom in a light tile with dark navy tub, toilet, etc. Like a black car, it was drop dead gorgeous when clean. Look at it wrong and it would show every micro-particle dust

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Oh, I see where you are coming from. Yes, with a white lacquered cabinet you don't want a granite that fights for attention.

Too bad there isn't a "friends and family" sale on ceasarstone, that would be really helpful. I think you probably just have to bite the bullet this time - and in 3 yrs look at the counter (that isn't etched or stained) and think, "I'm so glad I spent the extra money."

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Ikea will have Caesarstone on sale at around $50/square foot installed starting July 4. So a 3 foot x 2 foot vanity should run around $300, although there might be an extra charge for the sink installation.

This is the 20% off price that you'd get if you spent $4500+ on kitchen cabinets. The regular price is around $63/square foot, still cheaper than your quote.

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Are you sure that the pricing is good for a vanity? Most of the time those low ball sqft prices are tied to a specific size like 40-45 sqft or more...

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Cateskitchen I don't think there's a minimum square footage on the Ikea purchase. I can't say for sure because I priced out kitchen counters, not just a single vanity. I'll be going back to Ikea soon so I'll post what I find out.

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Ok here's the scoop: the minimum stone (Caesarstone, granite, other quartz) purchase at Ikea is $1500, which is about 24 square feet of material. This is what I was told this evening at the East Palo Alto Ikea.

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Thanks for double checking :)

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Our Ikea has junky counter choices. The salesperson told me that stores work with outside vendors for countertop and they can have different product.

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Have you looked at Super White granite?

It's grayer than marble but might work.

I got a 60" x 23" vanity w/single sink from a remnant for $600.

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