Searching for Light Gray Glass Tiles

NYMKJune 3, 2013

I'm trying to locate a light gray glass tile in a large size ...around 4" x 12 " (maybe 6 " x 12"). I'm not a big fan of grout since I'm the one cleaning it ;)

I've been to three different tile stores and have come up empty handed. I've found tons of the darker gray tones and lots of lighter blues.

Right now, since I am not finding the lighter gray tiles, I am leaning towards the Crystile Glazzio Gray Sky. But I prefer something lighter. Thanks!

Here is a link that might be useful: Gray Sky Glass Tile

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Glass Hues comes in a lot of colors and many sizes. They also come in matte or shiny. They have several grays - and others that in green and beige hues that are grayed out. Urban Gray is a light gray. I know someone who raw hemp, which doesn't look gray at all on the samples but reads warm grayish in her space. Actually, it's from a local designer and I can post it up here.

Here's the design spread from that:

The gray you picked out seems very blue, though. So maybe you are going another direction.

Here's a link to the glass hues colors:

Here is a link that might be useful: Glass Hues

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Try Villi Glass, link below. They have a light grey glass in 4 x 12.

Here is a link that might be useful: Villi Glass

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Glass tile store has a few grey grey/blue tiles in a bunch of different sizes including 4x12. I ordered samples of some of the tiles, they are offering 5 samples for $5. If you are in NY like I am, they are located in Brooklyn and I got the samples in 2 days via usps.
I like the tiles, just not sure if I'm going to go with glass.

Here is a link that might be useful: Glass Tile store

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Thanks for the links! United Tile and the Glass Tile store did not have the light gray color I was looking for but Villi Glass does (thanks karin_mt). I just sent them an email requesting samples (since they are closed now). I will try giving them a call tomorrow.

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Try Ann Sacks Lucian glass.

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