What would you chose?

jennifer11203June 6, 2013

I am debating whether I should have a walk in pantry or a wine refrigerator with a small pantry next to it. We have a brand new wine refrigerator that my husband received on a job many years ago for nothing. The thing is, is that we really don�t drink wine. But, I hate to get rid of it since we held onto it for a while now.

If you had to decide what would you chose...a wall in pantry or a wine refrigerator with a cabinet pantry next to it??

Here is an example of what it my look like.. (replace the refrigerator with the wine refrigerator) - Mine would prob be smaller and there wouldnt be any shelves on the side and I would have small cabinets over the refrigerator.

Thank you :)

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A pantry for sure. But we're not big wine drinkers either.

But I do know what you mean about using something you've kept that long. We did that with a sauna until we finally decided we would never use it, so we sold it.

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That's a large refrigerator full of wine! I know nothing about the temperature controls for something like that, but can you convert it to be used it for something else? Beer? Produce?

If it can only be used for wine and you don't drink wine, I would say go with the walk-in pantry. A pantry gives you so many options for storage! I would love to have a pantry for storing food, bulk purchases, large storage platters and dishes, large stockpot, wok, small appliances like the crockpot, toaster, waffle maker, George Forman grill, yogurt maker, vacuum sealer, food processor, mini food processor, stand mixer, dehydrator, juicer, food mill, fondue pot, popcorn maker and even possibly the microwave. Oh my goodness! I think I need to revisit my kitchen plan and add a pantry! Or maybe I need to get control of my addiction to small appliances!

Is it possible you could sell the wine fridge on craigslist and help subsidize your kitchen expenses?

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I'm addicted to the idea of a tall pantry after the way I've been doing it, using an upper. It's one of the things I really, really want out of my remodel. So much so, I consider crazy things and places to put it.

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Pantry. Pantry. Pantry. We also have a full-size wine/bev fridge, but we keep that in the garage. It is a loud thing so I'm glad not to have the noise in my kitchen. Plus, I adore my step-in corner pantry. Being able to open a door and see all my non-fridge food stuffs gives me an unexplainable, deep satisfaction unlike anything I've experienced. You may call me a silly now. ;)

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Definitely a pantry for me. I think it would be much more useful and drinking habits can change over the years. You can get a small undercounter wine frig that might even fit in the pantry if you want it out of the way.

Of course, depends on how much storage space you have in your kitchen. Maybe you don't really need the pantry. I might make sure a freezer (or something else) could be used in its place down the road so it's a flexible allocation of space, should needs change later.

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Where do you live? I need another wine fridge LOL. The current one I have a bought from Craig's list!

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marti8a - Thanks so much for your help. We had it for a few years and its still in the box, we were waiting for our kitchen remodel and the time is here and it kills me to get rid of it, so IâÂÂm trying to weigh out the options. Lol

ekbecker1 - ThatâÂÂs a good point, I didnâÂÂt even think of that. I have to look into it and see if I can use it for other stuff. And, believe me I am addicted as well. I donâÂÂt even have a full kitchen yet and I already have everything!! IâÂÂm afraid that if I do have a pantry Ill collect EVERYTHING and ANYTHING! Lol Thanks for the help :)

Steph2000 - I have a lot of cabinets throughout the kitchen but it would be nice to have one area just for food. Thanks for the help :)

breezygirl - ThatâÂÂs a good idea maybe we will keep it in the garage. See thatâÂÂs the thing too, I really want one location where all my non-fridge food will be stored so in my head IâÂÂm kind of pushing for the pantry but I hate to not have the wine refrigerator lol -- so many choicesss!!! And your deff not silly I totally agree with you.

snookums2 - Thanks for your help. I think IâÂÂm starting to lean toward the pantry since I donâÂÂt really drink wine and would the pantry would be more useful and we already have a freezer in the garage.

Anne2326 - Haha.. I live in NY lol⦠but if we do decide to go with the pantry we will prob sell it.

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It makes sense to sell the wine fridge on CL and go with the pantry since you're not into wine.

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Another vote for pantry and selling the wine habitat on CL. I think forgoing a full-size pantry for the sake of a wine fridge you don't really want is an extension of the idea of "throwing good money after bad." (OK, even if you didn't throw any money into the original acquisition, you know what I mean!)

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joaniepoanie - Thanks for the advice. I am going to look into selling it.

karin_mt - Thanks for the help. You have a point. I think I am going to go through with the pantry. I think it will be more worthwhile in the long run.

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The tall wine fridges do look really cool (when they are full of wine bottles) and I really wanted to fit one into our remodel, but we actually drink wine. We ended up going with a 42-bottle under counter wine fridge in the kitchen to preserve needed pantry space. (We already had a 50-bottle free-standing unit that we put in a hall closet.)

If you don't drink wine, go for the pantry.

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