How far from the wall (or cabinet) to place my recessed LEDs?

dkotovJune 15, 2013

I am trying to decide how far from the wall (or cabinet) to place my recessed lighting in the kitchen.
I will have under cabinet lighting.

If the uppers are 12'' deep - how far you would put your LED recessed?

Thank you!

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I put mine 6 inches past the edge of the lowers, some others do centered on the counter edge. So my 24 in/ 12 in wall is at 30 in and my 30 in/ 15 in wall is at 36 in. No counters yet, but with solid tops we have been using the kitchen a bit. We also have UCL. The only shadows I have seen so far are from my hands with the ceiling light. It doesn't seem to be far enough away to cast a shadow from my torso.

I'll try to take some pics tonight.

If you have any tall cabinets, remember to account for any crown going on.

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Thank you for the info!
I guess my dilemma is should I center them in the middle of the walkway since I'll have under cabinet lights or more close to the edge of the counter as a rule but this is in case you don't have under cabs lights?

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Can you include your layout? Might help someone who knows something to answer.

I added some pics to my PB album if you want to take a look. I left the UCL off so you can see how much light goes where. They are the Ecosmart 4 in LEDs. I will have a fan light for the corner in shadow, over the table (much like an island pendant).

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Sorry to hijack - but williamsem, how do you like the 4" Ecosmart? I think I remember you posting about your lighting plan before, but I'm not finding it right now. Did you need to place your lighting fixtures closer together than if you used a 6"? We prefer the look of the 4" since we only have 8' ceilings, but I'm wondering how the spread of light is with them and how many lights we'll need overall.

thedork - I think that if you set them too far into the middle of the walkway, you will find your body casting shadows over your workspace because your light will be mostly behind you - your UC lighting *may* combat that shadowing, but I can't say for certain.

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Well, I'm not really using the kitchen yet, but so far I love the 4 in! I didn't think one 6 in on each side of the sink would be enough, and I was afraid 2 on each side would be overkill at about 3 feet apart or so. So I went with 4 in, 2 per side on that wall. They do need to be a little closer, but I don't know the general recommendation.

This is what I have, things ended up pretty close to the plan. Some lights went a few inches one way or the other for beams, but I was pleased the the spacing didnt have to change much.

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How tall is your ceiling? What size recessed lights do you want to use and at what spacing? Those all factor in.

Our old layout had the lights centered on the counter's edge. For our new layout, I moved them out to 1 ft from the counter's edge (3 ft from the wall). We are using 6" cans spaced 4ft apart and have 9 ft ceilings. We are using the Cree CR6 bulbs (Ecosmart brand). We don't seem to have shadow problems, but counters are not in until Tuesday.

You may need to be flexible in placement. Once I tore into our ceiling, I found all sorts of obstacles (joists, pipes, vent ducts, and cross braces). That changed the layout a bit. I had to wedge one light into an area bordered on 3 sides by 2 pipes and a joist.

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Thank you all!

Kitchen is 10x13.8 - 8'' ceiling - 8 4'' LED eco smart + 1 above the sink ( 9 total ) + 2 small pendants above a small island (3x4)

Here is the general plan - I don't have the final measurements for the cabs yet - just the layout so far - thank you!

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