Semi-custom cabinets - need help!

Erin_1776June 11, 2013

So I'm feeling overwhelmed with my cabinet decision. Essentially, I have spent the last 4 months thinking we would go with Kraftmaid but when I finally got down to meeting with the KD and getting a quote, I had a bit of sticker shock. I've realized that it's in my best interest to check out a variety of other cabinets - to hopefully find a less expensive option or to at the very least feel less stressed & nauseous about the amount of money we need to shell out for decent quality cabinets.

Before I list the additional ones that I'm considering, I'll let you know what I like -- and I know that these preferences can increase the cost considerably. I'm OK with decent engineered wood or PBC cabinet sides, but I'd like to upgrade the ends to plywood. I want plywood or solid wood drawers with dovetail joinery. I'd love to get full-extension under mount slides with soft close -- but this may be a bell & whistle that I'll have to forego in lieu of upgrading other aspects of cabinet construction.

So, here's my list so far. I was wondering if anyone could help me arrange this list in order of basic cost -- i.e., you looked at a few of these cabinets and found X to be more expensive than Y, assuming that other things were roughly equal (similar construction quality, upgrades, etc.) and also if anyone has anything particularly good or bad to say about their experience with these cabinet lines. Thanks in advance for any help!

Bertch - semi-custom line
Merrillat - Classic Deluxe
Medallion - Silverline
Bridgewood - Advantage
Aristokraft - Select
Debut - Estate
Woodmode - Brookhaven

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Oh, and Crystal Keyline cabinets, too.

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We have Aristokraft now. I realize that this is a rental unit, and stuff here has probably had extra wear, but - it still looks like junk. Very boring junk, to be exact.

Have you thought about custom cabinets? Believe it or not, they would probably save you money; in many cases they include as standard what the semi custom would consider an extra. Some on another thread commented that custom will save 30% over the brand name stuff. I agree. It's better quality, too.

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I have gotten Brookhaven, Schrock and Decora quotes. Right now Decora is the most expensive, then Brookhaven and finally Shrock. If you find something you like in Shrock they are the same manufacturer as Decora and I believe the same box construction based on what I have been told. I'm going with Brookhaven as I like the construction and finish better.

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There have been some past threads that go over actual price comparisons. See the link below.

Have you decided on your style and type? For example, a painted white shaker in full overlay? That will narrow your field down a bit and will shake the rankings up a bit. Some have higher upcharges for certain features, while offering lower pricing on the basic lines. Add in manufacturer and dealer promotions, and you'll find a "more expensive" line cheaper than a reputed "value" line. My painted inset recessed panel door with all the upgrades you mentioned was actually less expensive than a line with lesser construction and with supposedly lower pricing.

Be sure to get at least three different quotes, plus one from a full custom maker in your area. You will find high variation among the lines, and even among your dealers.

Here is a link that might be useful: White Shakers

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