Corian Witch Hazel Countertops are in!!!

Cindy WardJune 12, 2014

I have been anxiously and very unpatiently waiting for this day and it finally arrived. The fabricators showed up at about 8:30 this morning and 3 hours later they left me with beautiful, beautiful counters. Corian may not be a popular choice here on GW but I'm super happy with my choice and love the look and feel of them!

Trebuchet...I have included a few pics of what I think show the excellent workmanship. I think they did a fantastic job and I would like to hear your opinion.

First an overall pic...I tried to get as much of the kitchen in one shot as I could...

Then to the left of the range and looking towards the front door...

To the right of the range...

Sink run...

Pics of the sink reveal and transition from counter to sink...


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Very pretty! I do like those flow -y patterns in Sea Salt, WitchHazel, etc. If I hadn't found granite at a lower price point I might have ordered this.

That first seam is a particularly good job at pattern matching, I think!

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Nice subtle pattern.

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Beautiful! The cabinets are gorgeous, and the counters look great. What are you planning for backsplash?

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Looks awesome! I really like these tops. And it works great w the cabinets. They add such light. Nice choice. And good to see you are still plugging away.

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The inside radii are large enough, the seams don't get much better than those, and the finish looks very consistent. Very nice job.

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Looks very nice. My only experience with Corian was solid white in my mom's kitchen years ago. I didn't love it, but I'm sure it has improved and the stone patterns will be both ore interesting and more forgiving. Enjoy!

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Looks like they're letting the plumber drill the faucet holes? Router, spade bit or hole saw, no auger style please, and a rat tail file followed by sandpaper to take the meanness off the hole edges is always a good idea.

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Gorgeous! And I love your cabinets!

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Cindy Ward

Trebuchet...I took some pics before they were completely done. They drilled the faucet hole.

Here's a pic...

annkh...I haven't completely decided on the backsplash yet. I initially had my heart set on a split face slate backsplash that was really rough but my DH and everyone here on GW convinced me it wasn't right. I'm on the hunt for something a bit rustic...the Fireclay tiles have caught my eye, especially some of the green colors. When I narrow it down I'll post some options to see what you all think.

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Very nice! Back in 2004 I did our kitchen in Corian Green Tea (I would have liked one that was more flowy like yours but it was too expensive, being brand new at the time), and had it polished up to about 800--it's like water. It's never 'stone-cold' but rather warm and more inviting. And every time we drop a glass on it and the glass doesn't break, or we leave a piece of stain-y fruit on it overnight by mistake--we say "Thank you Corian"! Don't love Dupont in general but we sure appreciate our Corian. Hope you have many happy years with it.

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As mentioned on other thread...WOW. Looks awesome. On the seams--It seems that's a mitred seam that doesn't flow the pattern around the corner...did you choose that?

I thought you should do an "S" seam for the Private Collection?

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We have done the "S" seam on certain projects, it does use more material and it is a little more time consuming...and some installers do have a tricky time with it as the paralign jig will not work all that great if the "S" or wave is too big

You could have done a "S" seam here, might have tricked your eye a bit...but I personally don't think it would have been worth the added expense for look. They did a very nice job on the miter!

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Cindy Ward

ChrisinSD...I chose the mitred seam and they warned us that the pattern might not match up perfectly. The one seam is extremely inconspicuous (the first one posted above) and the other, while a little more noticeable in pics is really not very noticeable IRL. They asked if I wanted to do it without seams at all but that would mean the flow of the pattern would run front to back of the countertop on the short parts of the 2 L shapes. I did not want that. My fabricator did not mention the "S" seam at all. I am extremely happy with the seams, actually with the whole job. Is it weird to be truly in love with countertops??

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That's great you are so pleased. I don't think it's weird--I am ~2 weeks behind you on the schedule so I will have to live vicariously through you until then. :)

Counters are the lynchpin to most remodels and we all spend way too much time researching and investigating all the options before we settle on "the one." I feel the same way--pretty excited to see them installed more than any other item in the house (and I'm gutting my entire house to the studs, not just a kitchen).

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It looks great! It looks really good with your cabinets, and will look nice with your green paint, too.

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Those counters are just fabulous! And they harmonize so well with your cabinets. I'm glad that the install went smoothly - what a relief for you.

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I love it, to me this is about a million times more lovely than granite or marble and much more practical! Give me Corian any day! Honesty, I do not like the looks of granite at all and would definitely not want to drop anything breakable on real stone! I have one tiny granite counter on a small island that I really do not like at all.

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Mick Mick


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Cindy Ward

Thanks for the support and compliments!! I am just so pleased...I keep standing in the kitchen looking around and running my hands over the counters...I love them!!!

arkansas_girl...I am not a granite girl either. I initially thought I wanted soapstone but it is not popular in our area at all and I had so much trouble finding anyone who works with it and when I did find someone it was sky high out of our budget. The Witch Hazel could not be any more perfect!

I have done several things in my kitchen that are kinda uncommon and sometimes no-no's here on GW...two-level-bar height counter, Corian counters, 2" backsplash of Corian, tile backsplash will NOT be subways, no garbage disposal, no prep sink, vinyl floors...but it's coming together beautifully (at least to me and really that's all that matters!). Nothing against any choices different than mine...there are some awesomely gorgeous kitchens with none of my choices but just a word of encouragement to others who like to buck the trends and do something won't be sorry!!!

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They're lovely! The flow is so nice.

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Oh, man! Envious! You are ahead of me. I have Witch Hazel countertops ordered. I have my faucet bought. It sounds like we picked the Corian for about the same reasons! Yours are beautiful! Patience for me!

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DCWard--another follow up. Where did you end up deciding to buy? I know in some earlier posts you were deciding between 'the Depot' and a local countertop store?

Who did you choose and why?

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Cindy Ward

I ended up taking my chances with Home Depot because their price was lower and then a sale made it significantly lower and I just couldn't pass up the savings. As it turned out though, I asked at the time I was placing the order at Home Depot and the local fabricator that I wanted to go through is also the fabricator in our area that my Home Depot uses so, although I felt guilty about it somehow, I got the best of both worlds.

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Well I'm glad it turned out. Thanks the feedback. My experience has been similar.

The local countertop guy was 40% more (!!) than Home Depot (after their sale) and while their showroom and selection were really quite extensive (they carry EVERYTHING) he wasn't very customer friendly so I decided to take my chances with Big Orange...

I hope I have the same exceptional results to report. :)

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Cindy Ward are going to LOVE the Witch Hazel! The depth in the pattern is really beautiful and they feel so nice. I loved the pattern from the samples I had and from seeing pics online but seeing them across the expanse of my kitchen is just awesome!!

ChrisinSD...what pattern did you choose? If you said that already I must have missed it. I'll be watching for your "COUNTERTOPS" post!!!

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DCWard--we settled with Glacier White. I also liked Silver Birch and Lava Rock, but we really decided the bright white would provide the clean "pop" we were looking for in our modern kitchen. See the link for our style.

I can't wait to see my integrated Angolo sink in the same color and the custom run right into the window sills in my new "between cabinet" windows.

Here is a link that might be useful: Glacier White kitchen

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Your countertops are lovely, and I am also considering Corian WH with two miters. All the samples I have seen are white, with only a hint of color on a corner, some all white. My walls throughout my home are a yellow beige (Ben Moore powell buff HC-35), and I'm concerned about a pink-beige in the WH looking bad with my yellow beige. This has been a problem with many of my countertop samples, as I also have a raised bar/pass through that opens to my dining room where the countertop will butt the wall. Are there any hints of gold tones in the WH that would pick up my wall color? Even the larger sample at HD is nearly all white. Anyone else out there with photos of WH that might help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Also, do you know the radius of your inside corner? Thanks.

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Cindy Ward

cubby325...My first suggestion is to purchase a large sample directly from Dupont. I ordered off their website. I believe it is 10" square and gives you a much better idea of the coloration and variation in the Witch Hazel. It is not all white at all. The colors I see in mine are white, sort of an off-white, grey and tan/gold. I definitely don't see any pink/beige in it at all.

We have a 2 level peninsula open to the living room/dining. Both rooms are painted Sandstone Cliff by Behr. I think my color is greyer than yours. I tried to get a pic of your color to put them side by side but I couldn't get it to work...sorry...but the Witch Hazel looks great with it and I think the tan/gold colors in the Witch Hazel would look great with your color too.

I don't remember what the radius is but I can look it up when I go home and let you know. We are extremely happy with our counters, both the look and the function. I'll post back here later when I can look up the info about the corners.

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Still vacillating- please help! Here it is almost November, I paid HD nearly 3 months ago for my countertops, and the fabricator has had my Franke sink for nearly two months. I love the witch hazel, ordered a large sample, and saw a large sheet at a nearby distributor, although it was in a warehouse with poor lighting and set vertically. I love the translucency of it - just not sure how it will look in my kitchen. With Ben Moore Powell Buff (yellow beige) throughout most of my house (open floor plan), that color must stay. I can paint the kitchen walls a soft white to complement the countertop. But, what I failed to mention is that my cabinets are natural maple. I would love to have them painted a soft white, but I hate to do that to 6 yr old cabinets - afraid it may affect resale, and I doubt we'll be here more than 5 yrs. I don't want a dark gel stain. This is a townhome, and the only window in my kitchen is in the eating area. It is large, but I always work with lights on in my work area, so I must have light countertops and fairly light cabinets. I've also considered cameo white Corian (soft white), as there are many photos on houzz of natural maple with white countertops, often white Corian. I had bright white laminate in a previous home 20 yrs, then off white for 14 yrs, and I never minded the maintenance.

So I'm torn between the witch hazel with two mitered corners, the cameo (which I like just as well but have concerns that solid white corian may be a turnoff for buyers) and the linen white (white with tan specks) which looks like it has gray undertones.

This is a 55+ community, and I don't think Corian negatively affects resale like it might in some neighborhoods, and I don't like cold stone. However, I'm wondering if white Corian would be a deterrent for buyers, and would witch hazel really give me more of an upscale look and be more attractive to buyers, even if I keep the natural maple? Do you think it would be too elegant for natural maple cabinets?

I have to make a decision this week if I want my countertops for Thanksgiving dinner. Please help! Any and all comments welcome, but please don't tell me to get quartz. It is witch hazel, cameo white or linen.

Thanks for your input!

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Here is a photo of my kitchen. Thanks!

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Witch Hazel has been a huge hit. Go for it.

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it looks great! I wouldn't even blink at the 2nd seam. It looks fine. I love the color/flow of the WH. If I found something like that in laminate, I'd probably change my counters out.

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i think both are nice...preference for witch hazel in that room

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Cindy Ward

Of your three options, I think the Witch Hazel would look the best in your kitchen. The subtle pattern and flow add a softness to my kitchen that I just love. I have had mine in since June and I absolutely love them. You asked for opinions so I'll say that I think the Cameo would be boring compared to the Witch Hazel and the Linen looks a bit too much like the speckled Corian of the 80's.

The patterning in the Witch Hazel includes tans and greys and I think it would look good with your natural maple. mentioned painting your walls a soft white but I think the Witch Hazel looks great against a bolder color.

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Thanks for your responses. How difficult is it to repair a directional pattern should it crack? Would a repair be more conspicuous? Thanks.

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Cubby--I guess I don't understand why you are asking this. It is highly unlikely that your countertop will "crack" unless you plan on routinely slamming things into it. If I was really that concerned about this, I would probably look at a different product.

Look at the video I link to to see how strong Corian is.

Here is a link that might be useful: Corian Strength Test

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Christine SD,
The internet offers the best and worst of everything. I have watched you tube videos of repairs to cracked solid surface. Although it is just two of us, and we are not hard on our things (and we weren't even when we were raising our sons), I am asking because our counter tops are not level. I know this is important, and we have a contractor who is going to take care of that with shims. I believe they will be mounted on top of the cabinets because he said that would create a space below the countertops that would need to be addressed with molding or in some other way. Then I started to think about the times I stood on my countertops when I was painting. And of course one paranoia led to another.

The WH pattern is pricey, and I wouldn't want to do anything that would affect the integrity of the counter tops. Now I'm wondering if I should have him remove those cabinets and shim from the bottom. Anyone who would like to weigh in? Thanks.

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