Cultured marble tub installation

tommarkJune 29, 2013

I hired a contractor to remodel our master bath and this is what I find supporting the cultured marble tub.... 10 - 12 wood wedges around the corner of the base. There is approximately a 1" void between the slab and the base of the tub. Contractor claims the tub installer has been installing tubs for 20 yrs. and knows what he is doing. I disagree. Any thoughts on this?

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What are the manufacturer's instructions for the install? For an acrylic tub, you'd want a mortar bed. For a cast iron, a few strategic non compressible shims would be OK to get it to the correct level. If the manufacturer is OK with shimming, I would want the nom compressible plastic ones at the very least.

But, it would be a big red flag to me that not enough prep went into making the floor level in the first place.

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Wrong forum! Sorry guys

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