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omgwhatamidoingJune 24, 2013

Hello GWers -

My husband and I are building our new home. We are the General Contractors (DH works in building/trades industry so we feel comfortable doing this.) I have been pricing out cabinets for the new home. I have a bid from a local custom cabinet maker and another bid from a local company that sells Medallion. My bid is for the Medallion Silverline series.

My kitchen cabinets will be shaker style white on the perimeter. The island will be a dark stain.

I am having difficulty making a decision. I love that I can see the finish of the Medallion cabinets now. They also come with a lot more add-ons/organizers (peg boards, pull-out spice rack, cutlery storage). Also the KD has been great to work with. These cabinets will be maple, soft-close drawers with full extension

The Custom Cabinet maker does a lot of work for a high end builder in town. He uses birch wood. I will have to get the painter to paint/stain the cabinets. The drawers are soft close but not full extension.

After adding in the paint/stain cost to the custom cabinets, they are about $2,000 less than the Medallion Cabinets.

Will the factory painted finish last longer than the custom painted?

Are the full extension drawers and the extra accessories worth it?

What other factors should I consider? 2K is a lot of money I could use elsewhere but I really liked the Medallion cabinets and working with the KD.

Please help me make this decision.


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For $2k (I'm thinking that is 10- 15% of the cabinet cost?) you get the full extension, a superior finish, better organization accessories, and the services of the KD? If this is correct, I'd say go with Medallion. Do you have all the accessories you want included in the bids - the prices of those could vary a lot, I'd guess?

If your design works well without a lot of customization, and you like the factory finishes, what are the benefits to you of custom cabinets? Is your design totally set or still evolving? Would the cabinet maker bring any creative, helpful design ideas to the project?

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I'll let the pros chime in, but from a consumer standpoint you should get at least one more quotation, at least, from another line or cabinet maker. Make sure the details between are truly comparable -- the construction details, the accessories can get expensive and a good hinge is required.

Some of these details -- full extensions soft close drawers, pullouts -- are what separate the line between happy and thrilled for many people. Some, like cutlery trays, can be easily added after the fact.

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Did you find out what the finish on the local cabinets will cost? I'd get this information before deciding. It may well wipe out any savings. Custom finishes can be expensive.

I also don't understand the "soft-close but not full extension" slides. I am not aware that such a thing is made. All soft-close I know about (and I think I know them all) are full extension.

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