Uppers with glass

donaleenJune 1, 2013

I've read a lot of questions about using glass in uppper cabinets for doors and whether it looks okay to put non-display items in them. Well, we love glass uppers and all of our upper cabinets have big glass doors. I think they look terrific as long as you don't over crowd things.

You can also "hide" the things that really don't look good by putting them behind the door frames. Note the bottles on the top shelf and how they disappear behind the frame.

I am not having luck posting photos so here is a link where you can see what I mean.

Here is a link that might be useful: uppers with glass doors

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Your post and pictures speak to me donaleen as I have integrated four glass uppers into our design. Working glass cabinet uppers, kept neat, to me seem so natural: why else do we have kitchen uppers than to store our goods? For us, two will be mainly plates and glasses and serving dishes in our small kitchen proper with two in the eat in pantry a place for china and a few special items.

I am having dimmable lights put in as well given new cabinets.

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Keep an eye when watching reruns of "Law and Order". The location scout appears to have really liked kitchens with all glass door uppers. Over the years a lot of murders in high end kitchens on that show.

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Ha, jakuvall. Speaking as the crime sleuth cabinet expert we know you are. Seriously wish you had forewarned me now! May have to re-think my window treatment. :/

donaleen, thanks for the link to your glass uppers. You've done a nice job.

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Thanks, SparklingWater. To me, they look like cabinets from the twenties. It's my favorite kitchen look. Plain cabinets with glass doors built to fit the space.

I remember when my mother painted the glass in the uppers in our farm kitchen because she didn't want anyone to see in her cupboards. I missed how they looked and didn't understand what there was to hide. Still don't.

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