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BarbaravJune 22, 2013

Just posted this in appliances, and thought I might get some responses in kitchens, as well.
I would love to hear from anyone who has placed an induction cooktop/range (or and cooking appliance) in front of a window. I'm redoing my kitchen and trying to reconfigure it, mainly to move a fridge to the other existing wall. The longest wall has windows, which I love, but are limiting in the placement of appliances. Thanks.

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I think that your challenge will be venting. Are you going to try one of those pop-up vents or a downdraft cooktop?

We put our cooktop in our island, with a vent hood coming down from the ceiling.

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Hi gpraceman, I'm thinking of using a pop-up downdraft with a Bosch induction cooktop, if it's possible. Haven't talked to the electrician, yet, so I don't know if it's possible. Maybe, if not, a hood. There are a few pictures on another site, and it looks rather good, but I was hoping to hear from someone who has that actual setup. I definitely do not want something that's going to be high maintenance.

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You may be able to put the pop-up vent on one of the small appliance circuits, depending on the rated amperage. That would make wiring it up pretty simple. The induction cooktop may be more of the challenge, depending on your current electrical configuration, as it will need 240V and be on its own breaker.

Since you will be against an outside wall venting should be simple.

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Possible good news on the pop-up, but the lovely cook n' counter range from the 80's is on the short side of the L, being moved about 8' to the long side. Breaker box downstairs, finished wood ceiling down there.
How do you like your cooktop in the island? Thought of doing that (but would run into a similar wiring situation) , but I never prepped and cooked with that configuration. Thanks for your thoughts.

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Too bad about the finished ceiling below the kitchen. Maybe your electrician can run a new line from the old junction box for the range either through the walls or even the ceiling. Hide the old junction box in a cabinet so it is still accessible.

Well, I wish I could comment on having a cooktop in our island. Our granite fabricator messed up our island counter, so we have to find another slab. Once the granite is in, we will be able to install our cooktop and vent hood. So, we are in a bit of limbo right now with our reno. Our old configuration was a range along one of the walls, with an OTR microwave.

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Can you place the vent above the window? Either using an island hood, or an integrated into a soffit?

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