Super narrow, and $500K

palimpsestJune 12, 2013

Very tight kitchen in a $500K property

Sometimes there is just no way around it, but it's kind of depressing that this is what $500K is buying in some neighborhoods here. They probably did the best they could with it, I am not criticizing that. But it's hard not to envy areas where $500K buys a lot of real estate.

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Yikes. Claustrophobia City. No thanks!

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Sherrie Moore

Wow!! Yes I guess I will be thankful for midwest housing prices.

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wow--and I thought I had a narrow kitchen!

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Looks like the perfect dieters kitchen. If you can't jam yourself in there, you can't eat. When you lose enough weight to fit in, you can afford the calories!

That is super narrow!

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Now there's a kitchen that needs a French-door frige.

I know what you're saying about envy. The SF Bay Area has pretty high housing prices. I remember when my brother (in Spokane, WA) bought his house for what I was planning for our downpayment. Depressing.

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Well, how do you get stuff out of that fridge, if you are at the stove side. You kind of have to reach around, don't you? It is depressing what a half million will buy you in some of the major cities....

(OK, I can't help comment about why, oh why, wouldn't you want to bring the cabinets to the ceiling?)

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