Which color Silgranit with Caesarstone Raven (medium grey quartz)

rebecca3142June 13, 2014

I am doing a white shaker transitional style kitchen. The perimeter will have Raven (thank you smarge for the photos on GW). Island will have London Grey or possibly quartzite.

I am definitely doing Silgranit sinks. I was originally going to get a color that blends with Raven, either Anthracite or Cinder. (I need to see them in person to see which one is a better match).

My concern is that...does it look like a big void to have a huge dark sink that matches a dark countertop?

Now I am reconsidering this and possibly switching to Metallic Gray. By itself, I think the darker colors of Silgranit are prettier, but I am questioning what looks better in the greater scope.

I would love any input on this. Thank you!

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Hi. We have raven quartz in our master bath so I'm very familiar with the color of this stone. We also have a couple silgranit sinks- Metallic Gray in the Kitchen and Anthracite in the bar area. We paired the Anthracite with Absolute Black Granite and it completely blends in- which for that area is what I wanted. I think the Anthracite will be much darker than the Raven. I think that Cinder may be too warm (but you should check your sample against it to be sure), and then the Metallic Gray will be a lighter contrast.

So really I think it depends on what kind of contrast you want- lighter or darker. I am very happy with the Metallic Gray in my kitchen (paired with a light granite with charcoals, greys in it). It does not look too light. It's still a fairly medium gray. I *personally* did not want a kitchen sink that was black, but that's just my taste.

So my bias says Metallic Gray. Do you have samples yet you can put next to the counters?

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Thanks so much! You confirmed my thoughts. I am trying to picture a dark sink that completely blends in, and it seems strange. Maybe modern? That isn't my thing. I am going to check out the Metallic Gray, I think that will be the one.

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How much do you paid for caesar quartz per SF?

I have 180SF with 11 drop-in cut outs. Was trying to find local shop for better pricing, but seems only HD and Lowes carry them.

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One quote I got was 95$ per SF (installed) for London Grey, one of their newer colors. $76 per SF (installed) for Raven.

At this point, I am actually probably going to switch to Pental Quartz for cost savings. I found colors nearly identical to the Caesarstone ones that I like.

At Ikea, if you trust their installers, I think the Raven is around $59 but then they charge for some extras.

If you are looking for an installer, look at Caesarstone's website. You should be able to find some independent installers aside from the big box stores.

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Back to the decision....

Here is the sample countertop with Cinder:

And here is the sample with Metallic Grey:

I think both Silgranit sinks have more of a warm brown undertone. I am leaning towards Cinder. I think the Anthracite (not pictured) is too dark.

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wow, cinder seems like a perfect match!

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We faced this exact same decision. Landed on Raven for the countertops and wanted to do a Silgranit sink based on all the positive reviews here. And then when we compared the colors, we just couldn't find a color combo we liked.

As per above, the cinder is just about a perfect match--but that's not what we were looking for, we wanted a bit of contrast. Metallic gray and Anthracite were more contrast, but still not enough for us (and the Anthracite was awful dark). That left the light colors and we just didn't care for the combo.

We ended up going in a completely different direction (Shaw's fireclay farmhouse sink), which unfortunately is also costing us a lot more $$$.

That's just us. If you're not looking for a contrasting color, I think the Cinder could look very nice. Good luck!

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I have Silgranit Metallic Grey matched with Pental Coastal Grey quartz. I think the two match very well - I was worried about having such a close color match but it's perfect.

I think your quartz is darker than the one we have, but I'm not positive (hard to tell with computer photos). However given the color match with Cinder, I think that would be a good choice.

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Thank you all for your feedback! A farmhouse sink is not an option for us, so I am very motivated to make this Silgranit work. I have been toying with the idea of switching to Pebble, or something similar. But, I do think the darker grey will be a better countertop color....sigh.

calumin - that is so funny, that sample in the picture is actually Pental Coastal Grey! Is it nearly identical to Raven, and apparently costs less but still has a great quality. I am encouraged that Metallic Grey worked out well for you. Any chance you can upload a picture? That would be unbelievably helpful! I have scoured online, and I can't find much. Are you happy with your counter in general?

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Ok, I am back on the Metallic Gray train. I really want contrast with the countertop. I think it will look nice, and I'm sticking with that!

For anyone's curiosity, here is a picture of Raven on the left , Coastal Grey on the right and Cinder on top.

Here is Coastal Grey near Metallic Gray and Anthracite:

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I'm going to be the dissenting vote and say I like the Anthracite best with either Raven or Coastal. I like the contrast, and the darker sink just somehow looks richer to me, especially below the counter surface, in a shadow where it will appear more natural to see dark rather than light.

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Ah, interesting! Thanks for your perspective ctycdm. I have definitely decided again Cinder - just not the right "match". I would consider either darker or lighter...leaning towards lighter. I am having trouble finding pictures, which is very helpful for me.

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Have you gone to any plumbing showrooms that sell Silgranite? I've seen a few sinks at Keller's.

I like a little contrast too. My sink is darker than my quartz. I thought the sink looked darker than the sample too.

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rebecca3142 -- here is a photo of our sink. Pental Coastal Grey countertop with Silgranit Metallic Grey 1 3/4 bowl sink. I'd highly recommend this countertop if it's available in your area. Very little maintenance.

I don't normally think there is a great color contrast between the sink and countertop, but if you look at it the sink is definitely a shade lighter. The light sources in your kitchen will influence the color contrast a lot.


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Thank you so much!! Your kitchen is beautiful, I am picking many of the same elements.

I am able to view both colors in a showroom, but the Metallic Gray is installed vertically underneath a counter. The lighting is not good and I was having trouble making a good judgement. I guess it is better than nothing, though.

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You can call Blanco and request samples fo whatever colors you want. They're small so you'll have to use your imagination a bit. I also did this to test for staining. (They all passed.)

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