walnut top island

ths13June 5, 2013

does anyone remember the kitchen where the island has a walnut top that is inverted - meaning it is wider on the upper surface and tapers downward, like an upside down pyramid. if so would you send the link. i thought i had saved it.

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Sounds interesting, but I don't think I've seen it. You don't mean this one by any chance do you?

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no. that isn't it but it is beautiful. is that yours? i haven't been on GW in a while, my kitchen mostly done. i think i recogniize the rest of your kitchen. beautiful piece of wood. great statement!
thanks for the reply.
no it was a thick walnut top on a white island. the top surface was wider and then it tapered down towards the base.almost like an inverted oggee. it was very unusual and i wish i had done it. i may have the chance because the wood on my island is splitting and it probably has to be remade.
i know i had saved the picture, i just cannot remember where!

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Hmm, I'd love to see it, it sounds gorgeous. Have you tried searching for it on google? That is usually more effective than searching on GW.

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