Never MT trouble

laurie26June 9, 2013

My new Nver MT doesn't work right! The first time you push down on the pump, soap comes out fine. Next time: wimpy, feels like it isn't getting a full pump. Wait 15 minutes and it works fine--but only on the first pump. We have a Delta dispenser and we're using Dawn Ultra. Any suggestions?

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I have the opposite trouble....I have to pump 10 times to get anything....thanks for bringing this up...maybe both our problems will get solved!

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Did you just install it? Did you "prime" the soap dispenser tube before attaching it to the never mt tube? It sounds like air bubbles in the line.

Try taking the hard dispenser tube off the flexible never mt tube and priming the dispenser (insert into soap bottle and pump until it starts dispensing soap continuously). Then reattach to the never mt tube and pump until the never mt pumps continuously. (It will pump out the soap you "primed" in the hard tube, then you will have to pump a number of times where no soap will be dispensed until the soap starts flowing through the long tube. Pump several more times to insure a continuous flow of soap.

Hope that helps! I'm using softsoap not dawn, but I have 5 installed in my house and they are all working flawlessly. Also make sure the "short" part of the tube is connected to the dispenser and the "long" part (divided by the valve) is in the bottle of soap.

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Make sure the soap isn't too thick. Most people thin it by 1/3 to 1/2 with water to make it easier to pump.

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I remember reading - special installation instructions for Delta - did you follow the Delta specific info?

Mine works fine - Waterstone

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