Kitchen Plans Revisted - Opinions?

marthastooJune 16, 2013

I've revised my kitchen plans and was looking for feedback. I don't have a kitchen design program, so this is me drawing it up very much not to scale on Microsoft Word. My biggest concern now is clearance, particularly the fridge clearance. I am afraid that there will be a bottleneck a the pantry/dining room doorways with the fridge right there. WDYT? Also, any general comments would always be welcome.

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I would move the trash between the stove any corner, and then move the DW to the left if the sink. For me, it would keep things tidier when I prep to just drop things in the DW.

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Your 39 inch left island isle is about two feet too narrow for an isle with chairs. Do you really need a sit-at island when you have a breakfast nook right there? Are you considering a bankette for that space?

Merge the two small drawer cabinets to the left of the stove into one large one. You'll get drawers that will hold pans etc better.

Change the upper corner cabinet to an easy-reach cabinet - it's impossible to get at anything in the back of those corner cabinets.

Do you plan a place for cookbooks?

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Without a scaled drawing, it's impossible to figure if this will work. You've obviously put careful thought and and some effort into making the neat lines and labeling, but without scale, it isn't really moving your project forward. Graph paper, a straight edge and a fine Sharpie is all it takes.

D/l some graph paper, print and sketch your plan on it to scale. The grid is what will highlight scale errors.

In particular, draw the swing of the fridge doors, is this a s/s model? Is the fridge door hinged on the right as you stand in front of it? That means that you'll have to walk past the door then turn and open the door as you haven't got enough clearance there to stand in front of open the door because of the island.

Fourteen feet is still too narrow for an island as you have shown it. I suspect it looks better than it is because it is not to scale.

Your end seating position won't work as you can't have the legs of two people occupying the same place. It would be OK for a high chair, for a year or two.

Skip the island seating - you have a breakfast nook right there for eating in the kitchen. Narrow the island to a work only one. Keep one tall stool for sitting while you work at the island (tucked under end towards nook) or for a single person to sit and keep the cook company.

Draw the plan on graph paper to catch measuring errors. Don't forget to draw in all door swing dimensions. (Is there enough room to have a person and an open door. Do it for fridge, DW drop-down door and oven.. Use actual dimensions for these. Include counter overhangs. (Generally they are 1.5", but can be varied in a pinch.)

Overall the flow from one work station to another is good, but now you need to see if you can fit it in, or only if you can bend the space/time continuum somehow.

You've thought about the flow through the kitchen, now move on to the next step.


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