36" Induction cooktop? (Thermador, Wolf, Miele)

amourccJune 21, 2014

I had search and read a lot in GW about induction cooktop. I've now down to Thermador, Wolf and Miele. I've been using portable induction cooktop for over 10 years so transition in using that is not a problem to me at all.

My choice would be:
Thermador CIT365KM/CIT365KB
Wolf CT361S
Miele KM 5773

I have not quote Miele price yet. Thermador and Wolf's price is not much a different. Is there any current user can chime in about their induction cooktop? How did it held up all these year?

Thanks. CC

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Try the Appliances forum for more responses.

I have Gaggenau and love it.

The biggest differences between various standard induction cooktops are the power in each element, the amount of boost and/or power-sharing there is, and the type of controls/additional features. The latter includes individual timers for each element or not, individual controls for each element or not, "true timers" that count down and turn off, memory programmable functions, tap tap buttons vs. arrays vs. sliders vs. knobs... Stuff like that. There also may be noise differences both in the elements and cooling fans. Read the manuals and choose the most appealing features. All of them seem to be well made and function correctly. You can't really make a bad choice among your options.

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I have the Miele KM5773 but it is new and I have only cooked 3 real meals on it. I had a 36" Viking duel fuel range, so this is a bit different for me. It seems to cook quickly, evenly and is quiet. I was concerned that there might be hot spots but that is not the case. I had to buy all new pans, Cristel Casteline with removable handles, and so far so good. I am not used to the pans sliding so easily on the "burner" but perhaps it is just the newness. I love the easy cleanup; the Viking was a bear to clean. So far I'm loving it.

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Consider a Fagor 36" induction cooktop. Fagor is made in Spain. I've used ours for nearly 5 years and love it. Great range of temperatures, including low enough to melt chocolate without burning. Although I bought ours on Ebay, Amazon has one for $1600, which appears to be less expensive than other brands.

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Last I heard, Fagor were in bankruptcy.

You can put a silicone mat, or even a paper towel, under your pans if they slide too easily.

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The only thing Fagor's bankruptcy affects is warranty service, so if the price is right, it shouldn't matter. They make a very good product (I have a Fagor oven and it's excellent).

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I have the Wolf 36 for 2 years - works great.

There is only one timer for the entire unit - Miele has a timer for each burner. Both have their advantages but I am timered out anyway with so many timers in the kitchen already... Now which timer is beeping - but if you are forgetful, the individual timers turn off the burner.

If you have visual problems - the burner rings are hard to see (I wanted them to be discreet and am happy with them but some might have trouble centering the pan)

It took me two years to figure out the buzzing noises are more of an interaction with the LED can lights - I have to get sparky back to help figure out why.

Otherwise, it cooks great, simmers, melts, high heat, low heat, etc - one thing to understand - the settings are different on different burners - ask to get the print out of the actual wattages.

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I was also considering the 36" Wolf, Meile, and Thermador induction cooktops. Prices were all comparable. I ruled out Wolf because it is difficult to see exactly where the hobs are located. In my old home, I had a GE induction cooktop. It worked just fine but I found it annoying not to quickly see the position of the hobs. Then I looked at the hob configuration. I wanted the biggest hob in the center. Both Meile and Thermador has that configuration. I decided on Thermador because the largest hob is 13" and, if I remember correctly, Meile's is 11". I've been using my Thermador for 2 months now and have had no issues or regrets.

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