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kiralizJune 25, 2013

First of all, thanks to all the posters who gave advice on my floor plan. I am working now to make some of the changes suggested.

We moved the sink to the island in place of the cooktop. That means the dishwasher moved also. The design of the island is now up in the air (and frankly, pretty awkward imo). We have three options so far.

DH likes #2 but our designer likes #3 for symmetry. Thoughts?

Here is a link that might be useful: old post w/floorplan

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None of the above. Symmetry is killing you here, not helping you. It's over rated, especially since you will never stand in a spot to appreciate it on this island. Start with the function first.

You need the largest possible prep space, which will be to one side of the sink, with the cleanup to the other side. That means pushing the DW all the way to the side of the island with just a 1 1/2"filler and panel to hold up the counter there. That 24" of room is enough to plonk some dirty dishes down.

Now, to the other side of the sink. You need a trash can, but you want the smallest possible cabinet that will still get you a full sized trash. That's 15". That leaves 30" (standard sized) or 31 1/2" (custom sized) for a nice sized drawer stack, and that's where you'll stand when you do your prep. That 45" is far more valuable as contiguous prep space than it would be if you reduced it down for symmetry's sake.

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A color rendering that can help you to visualize better.

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I agree on the symmetry part. The designer keeps wanting it to look balanced, but I want it to be functional.

I like this idea, but this puts the sink directly across from the cook top, and the aisle is only 42 inches.

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If your sink is directly across from the cooktop, then just mirror image LWO's design and put the DW to the left. Now your large prep area is where it needs to be, and it's just a step and pivot to the cooking zone.

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Greendesigns, and others, would having the sink directly across from the range be okay if it were a prep sink and not the cleanup sink (apologies for thread jack)? I have been thinking my sink placement is good across from range, even with 42" aisle - the better to fill and dump pots?

Here is a link that might be useful: My plans, please help me improve them

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