Which comes first? Lighting or backsplash?

violetwestJune 6, 2013

I plan to install a nice backsplash in my kitchen . . . some day. I also need under cabinet lighting.

Should I wait until I install the backsplash to do the lighting? I'm afraid if I do the lighting first it will make the backsplash installation more difficult or something.

I'm real new to this home improvement stuff, so please excuse my ignorant questions.

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I think lighting comes first. It doesn't take up a lot of space, so you should be able to do the BS later. Lots of people are ABB (all but backsplash) for a long time.

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lol! thanks for the response.

I guess the reason I'm reluctant to do the backsplash now is I keep thinking I want to replace the stupid non-vented stove/microwave set up I have in there. If I'm going to tear things apart to put a real hood in there, I think I should wait.

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Violet.West, two of the many wonderful things about GardenWeb are that almost ANY question you ask will get thoughtful responses, and you can bet that there will be other people out there who read your question and think "Yeah! I've wondered about that too!!" - so you're also performing a service for others by asking!

And, although we're still planning our kitchen, my impression is same as Ginny20's: under-cabinet lighting is very often done before backsplash.

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I'm almost done with our kitchen remodel. My GC is putting up the lighting before the backsplash in case he has to adjust the placement of the wires coming out of the wall.

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