What type of wood for painted cabinets?

cz_scrapJune 12, 2014

We met with the builder a few weeks ago and he warned us it was going to be expensive-several times-lol. This is a new house we are building in central coast California.He was right. In reviewing the specs, we realized he had spec'd cherry cabinets for the kitchen, craft room and laundry room. We realized we didn't need cheery for the craft or laundry room as those would be painted white. I have no idea what type of wood is good for painted cabinets. We decided to keep the cherry in the kitchen. Thanks for any help.

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We always spec "stained" grade maple for our stile and rails and a MDF center panel for all painted doors/panels

Stained grade maple is a grade of maple that does not make the grade for clear grade maple but is perfect to paint

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Our kitchen has painted cherry cabinets. The insides of the cabinets are beautiful when you open the door.

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The upcharge for painted cabinets is likely to be as much or more than the upcharge for stained cherry. For your lesser used rooms, consider oak cabinets. It's the cheapest wood option. If you must have a painted look, go for a partial overlay door in a recessed panel as that will be the least expensive choice. The standard for painted cabinets is maple as it takes painted very well, and is hard enough to withstand some knocks without denting.

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