Rolling kitchen cart/island with built in garbage bins?

mgmsrkJune 11, 2012

The house we are buying doesnt have garbage/recycling built into the cabinets. I did when I built my house 8 years ago and dont want to go back to having to walk to the other side of the kitchen 50 times during meal prep/cooking times or have 2 garbage bins sitting loose in the kitchen. The kitchen is a downsize for what Ive been used to so I don�t want to give up a cab to retrofit a pull out.

I found this and like it, it would hide the garbage and I could just pull it over to where I�m working with a bonus a little extra prep space. I would like one with 2 pull out�s for garbage bins so I could use one for recyclables. I�ve done a few internet searches but can�t come up with anything else.

Anyone know of one?


Here is a link that might be useful: Walmart cart

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Our superb furniture maker (of our bathroom vanity) offers a great rolling island/trash combo he calls 'Trashy'.

(We are in no way affiliated with his company, just satisfied customers)

Here is a link that might be useful: Trashy from Metrik Studios

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That one is neat, thanks for the link.

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Here's another (larger) alternative. You could probably add wheels or casters, if it isn't too heavy. Since it is made by the seller, maybe you could have something built to your specs?

Here is a link that might be useful: Island with roll-out trash bins

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That one is very pretty. I'll contact them and see if they can make one with wheels, and a bit smaller.

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