Travertine Backsplash?

miss_kendaJune 2, 2013

If we choose this does it need to be sealed? Does sealing change the color or appearance?

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We have a split face travertine backsplash. We did not seal it but in the almost two years since we have it it's still looks perfect. But we do not do a lot of frying or splattering when we cook, if we did I think we would need to seal the travertine for sure.

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A regular sealer does make the stone deeper and more golden. There are sealers available though that have a minimal effect on the color. Wet the tile and see which way you like it better.

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We used the sealer recommended by Arizona Tile where we bought our travertine. We didn't notice that it changed the color of either the tile or the grout.

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I used a sealer that did not really change the color at all. If you don't want a change, get one that is just a sealer not an enhancer. Test it on a scrap of the backsplash.

I have travertine and I'm glad I sealed it. I like not having to worry about splashes and stains.

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