Kitchen Counter Lighting

donaleenJune 20, 2013

These are night lights. 4 watt incandescent night lights. I like them so much better then LED lights.

The back splash isn't in yet but we have it figured out and have someone lined up to install it.

Here is a link that might be useful: more info here

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Oh, I LIKE that!!

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I really like the nightlight yellow soft color much better then led. My contractor has told me there are yellow light LEDs but I haven't seen them. Anyone?

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Look for LEDs that have a color temperature of 2700--those are much like the color of traditional incandescent bulbs. As you get to 3500 you are getting a much whiter light (I may not being saying that quite right). Check out the lighting forum--lots of experts there who can recommend specific LEDS!

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Donaleen: are you saying you use those for task lighting? They don't seem nearly bright enough to me. They look great, though.

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No, the night lights are not for task lighting. During the day the window generally provides plenty of task lighting. When we need task lighting (at night or on a dark day), there are several task light sources (lights on the vent a hood, sconce, pendant, recessed lights in the ceiling. Those lights are on dimmers and can be adjusted from garishly bright to very soft.

The night lights just create warm spots under the upper cabinets. They are for looks and mood.

Sorry for the confusion. They are fun, aren't they? A little fun is good.

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