Warning about teflon oven liners

ruthie51June 12, 2013

I ordered a Teflon oven liner for our new house because I had one in my last house and it worked well. I thought I got a bargain, but when I received it I noticed that this one was not of the same thickness and weight, but I used it anyway. Well, it ended up melting and adhering to the oven bottom, leaving a permanent dull residue that we could not remove (see picture). We ended up ordering a new oven bottom which, fortunately, was less than $40 with shipping. I hardly ever use my oven (I'm not a cook) and have never used the self cleaning option, so the oven never came close to the 500 degree limit. So, here was another example of "you get what you pay for" and I learned my lesson. Just wanted to share so you don't make the same mistake.

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Do you mean teflon or silicone?



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I just googled them and the description said "fiberglass". This I what I mean:

Edited to add: I found the actual one I ordered and it does say Teflon, not fiberglass. I bought it here:

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Is this a convection oven? If it is, you can never put anything on the bottom of a convection oven, as it will adhere to the bottom and quite possibly ruin it. I can't really see in your photo.

Just in case you didn't already know that...

Sorry about your oven bottom, but glad replacing it wasn't too costly for you.

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No, shelayne, it was a regular GE gas oven. I'm not sure why the liner failed, but I won't take that chance again.

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The actual burner is under the oven bottom, ad the surface gets a LOT hotter than the oven temperature.

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This product was not the same quality as my previous one which I suspected anyway based on its weight and thickness (and price), but I never thought it would melt. Oh well, live and learn.

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Most ovens these days warn you not to line them with tin foil - probably applies to other liners as well. You were fairly lucky - a number of people on this forum have ruined their ovens and Wolf ovens cost a lot more to repair.

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The instructions that came with the oven said you're not supposed to cover the vents on the sides of the bottom which I didn't do. Plus, as mentioned, I didn't have this problem with the last liner which I used for five years. This product says it's for the bottom of the oven as long as the vents are not covered, which is what I did. I just wanted to put the word out with my experience in case someone else is using a product like this. Yes, I know I was lucky that my oven wasn't ruined and that the replacement part was not expensive.

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