Help please with counter top choices

enright5June 3, 2012

First time poster, long time lurker!

We are about to start our kitchen remodel process and I am completely stuck on the counter top choice! Hoping to get some help here. I absolutely LOVE carerra marble and at the same time know that it is not suited for our family of 5- bummer:(

I am doing a creamy white painted cabinets with stainless appliances. My kitchen is on the small side with not a lot of natural light. I want to do as much white/ cream as possible and keep the perimeter counters and island the same to brighten and open up the space. I have thought many times that I "found it" and then a few days later I begin to second guess myself and question if another material would be better. arrrrr!

This has been my counter top choice path taken so far:

1. Carerra marble- LOVE, after much research have come the conclusion it probably is not best for our family. I would constantly worry about sratches and stains.

2. Corian Rain Cloud- very impressed when I saw it locally in a large piece. The kitchen showroom employee said it can be orderd "glossed" or shined so it has even more the appearance of marble. BUT, he also said, that if it is shined it will show scratches.

3. Princess White granite- LOVE! Saw this material on this site and truly feel this would be the ticket ! After searching high and low for it in my state of Wisconsin and finding it in a stone yard near Milwuakee I about fell off my chair when I was told the price! $9,000! Wow! considering the corian and other materials I have been quoted have been around $3500-$5000. Cant do the granite.

4. Finally, I have most recently come across what I think is a brand new shade by Silestone called Lagoon. I love this! I brought it home and compared it to the large sample of Coran Rain Cloud and felt the Lagoon had more if a subtle look to it. I guess I would say more of the look of marble with no veining if that makes sense.

So that is where I am at. I am leaning towards the Silestone Lagoon, but have found very little images of it on the internet. I really would love to see it in person but can't find a big piece on display anywhere in my area.

Please note, I realize I can't mimick carerra marble, Im not trying to fool anyone with another product I just want the simple, clean, feel of marble if that makes sense?

Any images of Lagoon or any other ideas would be helpful! thank you!

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Wow, I could have posted this! In the same boat... love Cararra so much but know how I'd fret over it. Also looking at rain cloud. I don't have any help to offer, just wanted to commiserate :-) Good luck with your search! Interested to hear what you settle on.

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I would also price out Cambria Torquay, since it might possibly be less than Lagoon (cambria is pretty much the same no matter what you get--they don't break into A - E groups like other materials).

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I also love the look of marble, but could not handle the staining and etching. I went with a whitish Delicatus.(they vary in color from yellowish to whitish). I have creamy white cabinets and love the look of them together. The kitchen has seen serious use and I have not had any staining or etching on the Delicatus.

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Here are 2 pics...not great quality, but hopefully you get the idea...

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Well, Home Depot's sale ended today so I ended up ordering Silestone Lagoon- I sure hope and pray it looks good. If anyone has any photos or links where I can see finished kitchens with this product I would love it.

I did go with the Ogee (sp?) edge which seems to be what many marble kitchens use.

5 weeks from now I guess I will know! :)

Also, still welcome any suggestions of other alternatives- I have a few days to cancel my order.

thank you!

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BTW Breadandsuch, your kitchen is beautiful!!

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I'm sure it will be beautiful! Don't cancel your order; trust your gut.

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I think you will love it! I am also a "go with your gut" type of person.
Breadandsuch: LOVE your cabinets. Do you have a glaze on them?

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@enright5 - Only 1 more week to go???? Can't wait to see the Lagoon. It is one I am considering as well.

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@enright5 - I know this is a few months after your initial posts, but I came across your posts while I was looking for photos of real life installations of Lyra and Lagoon Silestone. I can total relate to the original post. I love marble too and the look it provides, but it is not a good fit for my family. Knowing this I am not looking to trick people into thinking I have marble - just LOVE the general look and feel. SO what did you finally decide on?

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Yes, any updates? Would love to know if you like your Lagoon and see a pic!

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