quick-opinions on counter (was cut too short-need to replace)

nobeesJune 28, 2013

I need to make a decision very soon on which piece of leftover slab to replace the section the fabricator cut too short. I'm pretty upset w/them. As you can see the current (too short) piece is pretty white, and I love it.

These are the lightest sections of slab left. The one to the right was actually next to the current piece.

Which would you choose (left or right) and why? I just keep going back and forth, and I just want to be done dealing w/the lady there.

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so it's about 18-21 inches you are doing between the range and a wall-is that correct?the left one is my choice and rotate it so the bottom in the computer pic is at the rear of your space, if possible.I don't know why I like that piece-maybe because of the small space it is for.....it's not a hugely usable bit of counter-in my house those spots get canisters/utensil holders/coffee pot/toaster/ etc....things sitting there. The other slab is too big/graphic and severe...but maybe some folks would prefer that.

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They both look bold to me. I would pick the lightest to blend with the white appliances, if it blends okay with the rest of the counter tops.

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It's only about 17 in.

Herbflavor--I actually have the photo flipped already because I like the whiter part in the front. I just think it's funny you say that. Maybe it just doesn't look right "upside down."

snookums--I agree that they both look bold/harsh, especially when compared to what is there now. Which one looks whiter to you?

I'm getting more angry w/fabricator by the minute. She actually just emailed me to pay my balance! I do believe that I should have the job completely fixed before that happens!

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nobees, I don't blame you for getting angry. It's not like slabs are a dime a dozen. You picked one, and they screwed it up. I would make them bend over backwards making you whole before paying them their balance. The nerve!

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"Which one looks whiter to you?"

The one on the right looks clearly whiter, if the photos are accurate.

Of course they want to snatch up the money quick now, lol. Do not pay until the problems are fixed. Otherwise, they will be gone.

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Holly- Kay

Yes, hold out on payment. The way they have treated you is absolutely unacceptable. First they sell your slab and then act like you are silly to be upset and then they mess the fabrication up. I would really consider going to the BBB and also do a review on Angie's list.

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I'm truly sorry for your troubles. I just did counter tops too and was very nervous.

I like them both: the left for it's white veining but I like the one on the right too for it's color. And the right slab, is that a kitten face I see outlined? How did you do that conversation piece?

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I think the right one looks whiter as well in the photos. I think what was throwing me off at the place was that the whiter one has darker spotting, while the less white has lighter spotting (if that makes sense). I honestly don't love either, which makes me more angry with their error. (Plus this was not the only mistake!)

It seems like the left one has better flow, but the right one has the white part I like better.

Sparkling water--I see that as more of a monster face with a horn and all or a jack-o-lantern! (Not sure what you mean, "How did I do that?" I didn't do anything to outline it.
And, I never looked at it as a conversation piece, more of an annoyance, so thanks for that suggestion--it's a much better outlook!

Just noticed in this screen shot that the right one looks to have a brown shadow at the top, but it really does not.

Holly--I totally agree w/you! The owner has actually been very nice, but I've been having to deal with the saleswoman, and after today's email I am done. There's so much more she's done to be snippy or convince me my counter and unevenly hung sink too is liveable. I have such not nice things to say, but I'm biting my tongue! I'm not sure if I can BBB because they are attempting to fix the issues, but I have definitely thought about writing a review when this is over.

My plan is to call the owner and explain that I settled once; I thought I could trust them to do a good job. I chose 2nd slab based on them not making an error, and now there are no spots that look the same as what I have. They are forcing me to settle yet again because of their mistake. Also, they have forced me to settle with my sink being flush on one side/over 1/8" reveal on the other. It was that or try to cut out more of the sink hole/corners in my house and reset the sink. I've already seen that they can't cut very well on-site, so that wasn't really what I wanted. Plus all the stone dust. So far, they have taken off about $300 for the slab being sold and $200 because they didn't get the job right and scratched my brand new wood floors!! The owner said I could keep the short piece of counter and they'd make me a tabletop w/it, but I have to find a base.

Here's the other side of the stove, just for coloring reference. The dark spotting on the material photograph quite a bit darker than they look. I think it's my poor lighting too.

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They're beautiful counters. I prefer the slab on the left, because the veining is more consistent with the rest of the counters. Sorry this has been such a pain for you.

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Holly- Kay

Oh my gosh sparkling, that does look like a kitten's face.

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I'm so sorry they've let you down, again. It must be so aggravating to have what should be fun ruined by carelessness. I liked the one on the right, until I saw the face. Not sure I could un-see it, so I might have to choose the one on the left. But it would depend on the blending with adjacent slabs.

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It'd be great if I could make them cut both, bring them here, and then decide!

Kksmama---That face cannot be unseen!! That's what made me keep going back to the piece on the left when I was at the place trying to decide!
I'm wondering if when laid horizontally if it'll be less noticeable.

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Sparkling-it really does look like a cat's face. I don't think I could choose the one on the right if only for that reason. I think the one on the left would look nice in that spot. However, if you're unhappy with both pieces, I would tell them that and see if they have another source for your type of stone.

Good luck! I hope it all gets resolved for you :)

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Sparkling - you had me looking for the cat's face & I found it. :-)

I like the one on the left, the variation is more subtle. Oh & because I can't un-see the cat's face now. :-)

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Can you ask them to find another white piece? They have made so many mistakes, they should try very hard to compensate you.

nobees, I would be angry too, espeically the piece they cut wrong is really pretty.

It just occurred to me: when a fabricator cuts the slab wrong, does the buyer (homeowner) pay for the material cost of the recut piece? It seems unreasonable since the fabricator screwed up. Does any one know how it work?

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I don't have to pay for the new piece to be cut, and I'm glad the owner said I could keep the existing piece for a table top or whatever because I really love it.

I am going to explain to the owner how I have been forced to settle with a new slab (due to 1st being sold even though I had deposit), the sink not being installed correctly, my flooring being scratched, and now they are making me settle again because they messed up the size of this top. (Not to mention the finish on the material looks etched, which I guess is "part of the stone")

I will see what he says. Honestly, I do want a piece from a different slab because it will be white. However, I don't think they will go for that. I just don't think it's fair that I'm being forced to settle time after time because of their errors. I'd rather pay full price and have what I want without this anxiety, the $460 compensation (was told it's $500) is not really making me feel all that much better.

Plus, having to deal with the saleswoman has made me insane. I did mention to the owner that she is harsh with her words and seems to blame me for the slab finish being off. He didn't say too much about that. My friend told me I'm making this personal since she's treated me so poorly. I don't know how else to feel. With the sink, she says, "I mean, this is something you won't even notice later on. You can probably live w/it. Blah, blah." I'm thinking yeah, I probably can, but it's still not right! I looked at the one in their showroom when I went to try to pick a new slab piece, and she's watching me and immediately speaks up saying that, that sink isn't caulked/set in place. (The reveal on it was near perfect. Obviously she realizes how much better it looks than my completely uneven reveal.) So annoyed!

I'm wondering if she doesn't get commission until I pay my balance or something; I'm still irritated that she asked about that too! In that same email she says they've done everything I've asked w/ a smiley face. Um, no, you have not! You've messed up and now you're taking a little money off and trying to make me settle. (They did fix the chips and caulk mess.)

If they are attempting to fix the issues, can I still file a claim with BBB? Does anyone know?

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I prefer to be reasonable and courteous in my dealings with all people. Many of us women of a certain age were brought up to be "nice" even if we ended up on the losing end. The message was, whatever you do, don't be a B-word.

But, you know what? It's your damn money that you worked hard for. They're telling you to settle and that you'll get used to it. Tell them they will also get used to living with having to make you whole, even if they lose a little money in the bargain. And in the end, do you care if they think you were a big meanie for making them toe the line?

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The BBB assists in resolutions. So, if you are still dissatisfied, and they are not delivering product and service as they should, you can contact BBB to open a case. They will hear both sides, I would think offer suggestions to resolve the conflicts, then make a ruling that goes on the company's record.

Angie's helps with resolutions now too, except you can also leave a review. I don't know if there's a fee but you do have to pay to join.

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Yes, linelle is absolutely right. The society as a whole needs to rethink the way of raising daughters.

Majority of parents before our generation were convinced the best outlook for daughters was to find a good husband. We all know how it went.

In our generation, we really do not have many woman- mentors at work place; we have to teach ourselves navigating at work and balancing both family and career. It seems we are constantly trying to find happy medium of “taking care of number one” vs “take care of others’ needs first”. I doubt men have this struggle.

Woman would be labeled a B-word, but when man does the same thing, he would be viewed as assertive and being in-charge. When we read "how to get in touch of your inner self", they read "What Would Machiavelli Do?"

OK, get back to the subject.

I am in the middle of remodeling kitchen and bathrooms. I sense in this industry they don’t treat women fairly. It seems when the work is not up to par, instead of owning the problems, contractors (male or female) always blame women customers, accusing them as being too picky, to anal, too over thinking ,too over analyzing, too intolerable …etc. the truth is they themselves are too dumb, too careless, too incompetent, too..... to deliver a good product.

Given what they have done to you, they have spent all their “be nice” credit. It is time to be serious. The reason the owner has not done anything to the sales woman is because in his eyes, she is protecting his interest. You need to make him fully understand what royal trouble she has put him in, and what consequences he would have if he does not taking care of this problem. You want the new piece as good as the one they screwed up, it has to cut and install right, nothing more, nothing less. No need to explain, justify, just tell him what you want, and the consequence if you do not get it. It is up to him to make it happen.

Don't let him to buy you out with pitiful discount. Workmanship cannot be prorated, when it is not 100% meeting requirements, it is viewed as 0% of good workmanship.

Regarding the sales woman, it is easy, just ignore her. If you have to deal with her, just remember if someone will be miserable, it should not be you.

This post was edited by azmom on Sat, Jun 29, 13 at 15:11

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The one on the left blends/matches better with the rest of the counter to the other side.

Is this a fairly common type of granite? Are you in a pretty large metro area? Is it common in your area for the remains from slabs to be retained by fabricators so they can sell off remnants? If so, I'd ask them (nicely will get you a lot further) if it is possible that they, or a different fabricator they could work with, have a remnant of this same stone. Then, maybe you could use that to get more of a white tone. OTOH, my fabricator told me that in my area fabricators do not play well together.

Finally, I think all of us (me included) hyper focus on some of these things too much, and in life's big picture and as far as what is really important in life you'd be fine with either of the pieces you have left and your kitchen will be lovely.

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azmom, I think I love you. :)

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Love you too, azmom!! Actually, I'm loving everyone over here for the support!

It doesn't help that I am also a woman who looks to be about 16, and I'm in a "starting over" condo, which most view as my 1st place (it's my 3rd). I know none of that should matter, but when viewed as someone who's young and inexperienced, it just makes seems they treat you even worse.

Unfortunately, this is a very small business, so it's not easy to avoid saleswoman. (She's the only granite salesperson, actually.) Her desk is right there when you walk in. But, you are right in saying I shouldn't be the miserable one.

The slabyard salesman has actually called me twice regarding my satisfaction with the slab! He knows I have been concerned with the finish looking etched. They still have slabs like this at the yard, but they are full slabs. I'm considering calling him to see if he could find me a remnant from a fabricator he sold the other slabs to. He's been helpful throughout this whole process.

I've actually never heard of this stone. They call it white pearl silver. I have seen some batches of princess white that look similar.

My fabricator does save remnants to sell, but they don't have any like this. I have no clue if they'll work with other fabricators to try to find a remnant. They didn't help much in finding a new slab when my 1st was sold.

I admittedly hyper-focus on EVERYTHING! I don't think I'd be as upset if this weren't the 4th issue with the company. I try to tell myself there are worse things, which of course there are. I just hate spending this much money for inferior work and for things I'm forced to settle with. (If that makes sense).

And, last, I am still trying to be nice about everything. I have been concrete and to-the-point. I have even joked about my perfectionism, but I still want the job to be right! I'm just so frustrated. I know if I continue to deal with saleswoman, my niceness will be no more, which is why I'm turning to the owner. I actually called him today and had to leave a message a couple hours before closing. Guess what? He didn't even call back! I thought with the state of things, he'd be sure to return my call--hopefully Monday.

Oh, and left vs. right---I think I'll just go with the left one without the face if they won't get in a new slab or remnant. It just seems to have better movement then the cat/monster face one.

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Thank you. I too admire a lot of your postings.


It is advantagous having a youthful look, Don't you think it caught people off guard when you actually delivered a punch? LOL! Serious, there are plenty strong, powerful women with small builds and soft demenors.

Don't joke about your perfectionism, you should be proud of it. I always tell women at work never apologize for doing best work, and expecting best work in return.

Nothing wrong wanting perfect in every aspect of a product. Having great big picture and beautiful fine details need not be mutually exclusive. There is no reason to settle for less and accept inferior.

Think this way, when we make a $10K payment, which one dollar and one penny in this $10K payment is not a full dollar and full penny? We pay for a package, everything in this package should be as perfect as promised.

I do believe in life, you get what you expect. It is important to differicate "being Nice" vs "being Weak".

When next time you talk to the sales woman and the owner, tell them you have high standard and expect the best. That is why you chose them because you believe they are the right, high quality supplier and could meet your expectation.

If it is me, no way I would take either left or right piece. I would ask them to re-deliver a piece similar to the original one. I would not even waste one minute to worry how they find the piece. It is their problem.

Good luck! Keep us posted with the negociation.

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there are much better solutions.....first I need to know if you are getting a tile backsplash/side splash?(& if you hadn't planned on it, then change your plan, because it is always best to have a stone to stone splash) and exactly how short is the piece? ....if its only 3/8" short or so, there is a simple fix of epoxying a 1" strip to the edge then recut it the right size and then the glued portion will be hidden by the tile side splash & grout, except for the very front facing edge which can be matched up from the extra pieces from the job....I'm surprised they didn't just do this and bring it back and install it...you would never have even noticed....it doesn't affect the looks/structural of the job......its just a smart solution.....

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Holly- Kay

Nobees, Azmom, & Linelle,

I love you guys! You are strong women and it shows. I have been a business woman/owner in two male dominated businesses. My first business was the manufacture, sales, and distribution of archery repair tools and currently battery sales.

I believe that the reason I survived in both industries is that I took the outlook that when someone would ask to speak with a technician who knows what they are doing, I would nicely ask them to explain their issue and if I couldn't resolve it for them I would turn them over to a technician. I said this knowing full well that I was the only one who could answer the issues or questions. I didn't take it personally because if they thought a woman couldn't answer such technical questions they were the problem not me.

It was rather amusing when someone, after I resolved their issue, would ask to speak to my boss to tell them how awesome my customer service was and I would tell them that actually I WAS the boss.

The key is that knowledge trumps gender every day of the week and twice on Sundays. Being humble was also a good thing as people never knew I was the owner unless they asked to speak to me.

Okay, enough rambling but it is so nice to meet kindred souls.

Nobees, just explain your issues and tell the fabricator what you expect to be done. Explain as unemotionally as you can the exact steps that need to be taken to make the job acceptable to you. If they can then offer alternatives that would also be acceptable so be it but you should not be left with an unacceptable fabrication job.

With my granite mismatch I told my KD I wanted a new piece for the peninsula but since the fabricator didn't have enough material to do a new piece I had no alternative than to have them take it all out and replace it. Amazingly they found a new piece that they could use. I wondered at the time if they may have used what was meant for someone else to do it. Your fabricator may also have used your original piece to re-do a screw up. I actually find that more believable than them selling it out from under you.

Good luck tomorrow and stay nice but be strong and no nonsense in your approach.

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Azmom: you're awesome!!!

When the guys started working, they left a corner of the crown looking...well, awful, and tried to just patch it up. When I pointed it out to them, he said, "well, I didn't think it would fly, but I just left it there." Really! He knew it wasn't right but thought he'd leave it that way anyway. I kindly said, "please fix it and if there's an issue, please don't leave it that way because I will likely notice." Since then, they have been much more vigilant. However, since that day, I, too, have been more vigilant in checking their work.

On the other hand, when I had an issue with my doors, the cabinet guy basically implied that I'm the kind of person that could never be satisfied. I was so upset and hurt but stood my ground. It was especially hurtful when he didn't say anything to the contractor as he pointed out the issues, but as soon as he left, the cabinet guys says to me, "I loaded these doors in the truck and couldn't find a problem with half of them, but I'll do it anyway."

My husband thinks it's the "it's good enough" mentality.

Sorry for the rant...

Anyway, I think you should try to see if a remnant is available. If not, out of the two pieces, I like the one on the left.

Good luck and stand your ground :)

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The piece is between the fridge and stove. It is too short as in there's a larger gap than should be between counter and stove. There will only be a backsplash, no sidesplash (eventually, and tile). So, if they glued, you'd always see the strip/seam.
While I'm sure it'd look awesome, I cannot afford this material to be on the backsplash, plus there's none of the slab left to do that with.

Holly, it was the stoneyard that sold the slab. It never even made it to the fabricator. I have a strong feeling my saleslady never got my deposit to them.

I'm going to try for a new, comparable piece.
I've rehearsed with myself what to say. It goes something like, "I think everything happens for a reason. I'm beginning to feel that the reason my 1st slab was sold was to tell my to pull my deposit and find a new fabricator, but I had faith and trust in you that you'd right the wrong and do a good job..." Then take it from there. (And, I really do feel that way.)

I'm so nervous to have this discussion!!

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Holly- Kay

Nobees, You will do just fine. All of us are with you on this so when you start to feel nervous know that there is a whole group of strong women standing with you.

I think that you are right that the fabricator needs to be fired. Can you find another stone yard also? I think they need to be fired as well.

Good luck to you and I will be waiting to see a great resolution to your issue!

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I called the guy at the stoneyard (the nice, helpful one), and asked him if he could track down a remnant of a dif. slab from my lot. He did, but it won't be cut until mid next week, so I won't know if it's white/dark/etc. until then. I made sure to get the info of that fabricator, and the salesman also was calling my fabricator with the info. I just don't trust my fabricator to be honest.

While I was waiting for the confirmation on remnants from that guy, I called the owner and expressed my utter dissatisfaction. Overall, I'd say that didn't go well in terms of his responsiveness. I told him I was appalled that I was asked to pay the balance. He didn't think that it was that off-base to ask me to pay since they are out money too. (Mind you I did pay 1/2 my total so far.) I made it clear that I will not be paying the balance until the job is complete and right. He's trying to say something to the effect of "Well, how much isn't done?" As if that matters. The fact is it is not done since they made errors.
I don't think he was too happy that I was attempting to track down a remnant either.
I again noted that my 1st slab was sold, and that I had to settle on this slab, to which he says if I don't like this slab I should have never got it. (My point apparently went right past his head.) Obviously I like this slab, but I liked my 1st slab better. I tried to explain that my deposit was put down knowing I was getting that specific slab.
I noted that I also had to settle on their sink installation or risk it looking worse.
I was sure to tell him about my interactions with the saleswoman. I explained that she was treating me poorly, and I'm not sure if she just treats everyone this way, or just me because I look young, have a small kitchen, etc. He said they've never had a complaint about her (who knows if that's true or not). I told him I will no longer deal with her because I will lose my cool.

So anyway, I tried to install my bathroom faucet yesterday, and guess what now? The holes are drilled a bit uneven, so when I put in the faucet and handles (widespread) there's a larger gap between the faucet and cold water handle than the hot water handle. Part of the problem is the mounting piece for the faucet that doesn't give much room to center better. I think drilling the center hole a little larger will be an easy fix...
But, while attempting the install of the faucet, I got to look real closely at that counter area. Apparently when they drilled the holes, they lost control of the drill and the bit dinged/gouged the sink counter 5 times between the hot water and center holes! (They are rounded divots.) They are pretty hard to see in the photo, but in real life they are pretty deep. I just can't win with this company! I can't believe I can't find any reviews online for them (positive or negative). I am tempted to join Angie's list just to see if there's any.

I'm still waiting to call the owner to explain my new bathroom counter issues. I just don't think this is going to go well. I am thinking about giving him the option to work with me or letting him know I will go ahead and get a 3rd party (BBB). I was ready to let them know I wouldn't even worry about the remnant, and I'd just use that left piece pictured above. Now I think I will wait to at least see the remnant; it's only a few more days.

Any new advice?

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Wouldn't the rims of the faucet pieces cover the dings? Let him know the new issues, see how he intends to fix them before complaining to him or mentioning things like BBB. If he isn't responsive or won't make it right, then go to BBB and Angie to get things resolved. Just state the cold facts and let them handle the situation.

And no more money! lol

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No, the faucet and handles do not cover the dings. They are on the stone between the two. I did try to see if the handle would cover any, and it covers only a very little bit of the 5th ding.

I definitely will inform him of the new issues before moving on. I just called actually. I could have sworn it was he, who answered, but told me he was w/a customer.

I just can't believe it's this complicated, and now I have the painter set for next week, which could be an issue if they are going to be pulling up any counters.

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