Wolf cooktop/oven or Wolf 36" range

seosmpJune 6, 2013

I had posted about matching ovens yesterday (thanks for the replies!).


While looking more at the Wolf products, I am now wondering if I should just go with a 36" Wolf range - I was looking at the 6 burner option - (http://www.ajmadison.com/cgi-bin/ajmadison/GR366.html).

What would you all do??? Any reason to avoid the range and go with the cooktop/oven? The oven in the range is actually greater capacity.... which is a plus...

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Kristen Hallock

Well I would imagine its cheaper to go with the range because you dont have to buy a cabinet for the cooktop and another for the oven. But I havent actually looked at the prices of the cooktop or wall oven. I do have a general idea of what the 36" range costs since I was considering a Wolf 36" gas range myself.

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Sherrie Moore

If you are talking about the cooktop versus the rangetop plus a 30" wall oven. Then that would be cheaper. I went the Wolf 36" range because my space didn't really work well with the 36 " rangetop and the double wall oven I wanted.

Some also complain that a 36" range oven takes more time to heat up. For small things I plan to use my Breville convection countertop oven (think toaster oven...but I think better!)

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Thanks for the replies!

I actually am taking about the true range (not rangetop) which has the burners and oven (36") in one physical unit.

I already have a second oven (30" electric oven) under a microwave on a back wall. I did not plan for double ovens as it didn't work well in my layout.

When I priced out the Wolf 36" cooktop + Wolf 36" oven, the Wolf 36" range is in fact less expensive (and it's because the Wolf ovens are REALLY expensive - wow!).

So money-wise, the range is cheaper. I guess the question is, do I really need that much "power"? Probably not - no.... it would be a major splurge..... My husband insists I must start to cook if we get it! :)

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If you are talking about a Wolf gas cooktop placed over a separate 30" or 36" Wolf wall oven, versus a 36" Wolf range, I would go with the range. If the cooktop and oven are going to be together anyway, I think the single-unit range looks nicer, as well as costing less.

I really like our 36" Wolf range. We also have 2 small wall ovens: Gaggenau Combi-steam and Advantium microwave/speed oven. I have gotten over them not matching, because they provide 3 different methods of cooking. The 2 little ovens are good for most meals, and the range oven can handle larger items/meals.

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kaysd -- which 36" Wolf range do you have? I was noticing that one of the models doesn't have a timer, or digital display or self-cleaning. Whereas there was another model which did seem to have those things (but whose interior height was slightly lower). And this required a 30amp circuit??? I'm curious which you have and do you really love it? Is it worth the $$?

Also, I see an all gas burner/oven model and dual fuel (gas burners and electric oven??) ---- which is better/preferred??!!


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Hi seosmp,

The Wolf dual fuel (DF) range has the timer and digital display, the all gas (AG) doesn't. The price difference is, I think, around $1500-$2000 more for the dual fuel--others would know more precisely.

Also, the AG is about to or just went through a redesign to look just like the DF, so maybe the AG will soon have the digital display.

Another difference between the two is that the DF has sealed burners, whereas the AG has open burners. With the redesign of the AG, though, both the DF and the AG will have the sealed burners.

I have the 36" Wolf Dual Fuel range (the one with the digital display/timer), plus a 30" wall oven. IMHO, this is the best of all worlds.

I love having the single, 30" wall oven because it's at the perfect ergonomic height, especially when standing for long periods over a dish that's broiling or loading and unloading heavy pots. It's just way more comfortable than bending down to use the range's oven. Some GWers who have 2 stacked wall ovens say that the upper one is too high and the lower is too low.

The second reason I love having the 30" wall oven is that it heats up a little more quickly than my 36" wolf range oven, so for quick, smaller dishes its the go-to oven.

All of that said, I adore my Wolf 36" range's oven. The convection mode is fabulous for baking multiple trays of cookies, and the larger capacity is great for many things.

A lot of people who have a range plus a wall oven seem to agree that it's the best of all worlds. I'm always surprised that I don't see more people making that choice.

The range top on the 36" Wolf DF range has 5 regular burners, plus one simmer burner in the back left. I'm not sure what the configuration on the cooktop is, but this may be something for you to look into when comparing your options.

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One more thing...the all gas Wolf vents out the back of the oven, at the top. The dual fuel vents out the front bottom left.

I actually had an all gas delivered from Wiaconson when I realized this. I have a white marble slab backsplash, and I realized that I would have had hot grease from the vent potentially spattering onto the white marble b-splash.

A specialist at Wolf confirmed that they had had some customers who ended up with discoloration of white marble backsplashes from the all gas venting situation.

So, I had it sent back and went for the dual fuel.

I don't know of this is a consideration for you, but if it is, you'll want to look into whether the redesigned all gas still vents out the top back. My guess is that it does.

To answer your electric versus gas cooking question, a lot of people say the electric is better for baking and the gas is better for people who do a lot of roasting. That said, plenty of bakers say they love their gas ovens for baking. The electric oven is a drier environment, and the gas is a moister environment, from what I understand.

The dual fuel has the pretty blue interior, whereas the all gas has a black interior. Again, the all gas interior color may change with the redesign.

Finally, I think the all gas has an infrared broiler for cooking steaks. Others on the forum would know more about that.

Good luck!!

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Thank you for all the information! It is very helpful!!! I may give Wolf a call in the morning to ask about the new all gas redesign, just for comparison purposes. I've also asked for a price on the DF from the appliance store, so I'll have to consider this as well.

I will have a backsplash, but not sure what color - so that is definitely a consideration!!

Thanks again!

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You're very welcome!

Looks like they've updated their site with info and pics of the new all gas. It doesn't have the tilt-out digital display of the DF, and I can't find info on whether the interior is cobalt blue or not, but the burners, knobs, and stainless body of the range appear to basically mirror the dual fuel:

Here is a link that might be useful: http://www.subzero-wolf.com/oven/gas-range/story/wolf-gas-ranges

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I'm not sure about Wolf, but we went with a GE Monogram 48" range because all the burners had the same output, whereas on the cooktops i looked at, only two of the burners were high output.

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Our 36" Wolf range is AG with 4 burners and a grill. It does not have any electronic displays, which I prefer because it is the electronic parts that most frequently require repair/replacement. A simple AG range is less likely to need repairs, and the most common repairs are little, inexpensive items like replacig an ignitor. My last range had a self-clean mode, but I never used it so I don't miss it on the Wolf. (Plus there are a lot of reports of damage to the electronic components of ranges while using the high-heat self-clean mode.) I like roasting in a gas range, so I think having an AG range and an electric wall oven is a great combo.

Our range is a discontinued model with open burners, which I love. We paid $4,200 for a floor model, so it was a great deal. It's hard for me to say whether it would be worth paying over $6,000. We were considering Capital Culinarian, Blue Star and American Range Performer (all pro-style ranges with high output open burners) before we found the deal on the Wolf.

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Thanks! So much to consider!

I thought I saw that someone complained about their Wolf AG oven that it kept ticking, and then that would stop, and so on..... trying to keep the temperature. They said it was quite annoying (and maybe there was fan noise too?? can't recall).

Have you noticed that at all?

Also - any issue with the venting being at the top towards the backsplash (discoloration, grease, etc.)??


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I have purchased the Wolf AG but my remodel hasn't started yet so I don't have any experience with it. It is black inside. I am probably going with marble backsplash and this tile discoloration thing scared me, so I just called and spoke with Wolf. The man initially said it vented out the top, but I had dug up their care and use guide that is listed under the 36" Wolf AG and on page 5, bullet one, it clearly states that it vents from the bottom so he said he would go and actually check an actual unit. He came back and confirmed that they changed the venting to match the dual fuel- it takes in cold air from the top back (where it used to vent), and now it vents at the bottom.

The entire remodel of the AG was to move it more towards the duel fuel model to help them streamline production, so it should be the same specs as a dual fuel without actually being dual fuel. If that makes sense. So burners, look of the range from a design point, and I guess the venting are all same as duel fuel.

Hope that helps! I'm excited that I don't have to worry about my marble backsplash!

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One more thing- I know some appliance places have it listed at over 6K, but my local dealer said it was only 5700 and that is what I paid. The dual fuel was almost 9K, a lot more. I'd be interested in hearing what it is from other dealers. That was a dealbreaker for me. I am looking forward to the broiler as well.

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We went with a 36" Wolf AG range with a griddle and a Miele speed oven. It's just right for us. We get the electric 24" oven for day-to-day cooking (we don't use a MW too often) and the 36" gas for the larger meals - such as for pizza night as we can cook several at a time. Suspect it will come in handy at the holidays too. Also, I managed to snag an AG old style floor model because the local appliance store was updating their display to the newer AG that look like the DF.

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Hi JAM--that's really good information, glad to know they changed the venting. And yes, now that you mention it, I think I did pay around $9k for my 36" DF and I guess the AG was closer to $5800 or so.

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All really great information - thanks!

I called Wolf earlier to ask about the AG vs DF, and the guy said the AG is really if you are ok with watching the temperature and adjusting it up/down as needed, whereas the electric, you just set the temp and let it cook. I've never used a gas oven before.

This is really a struggle for me since I don't really cook and there is no way I'm going to monitor and adjust temperatures during cooking. I make a lot of pasta and we do a lot of pizza or pre-made meals on the stove/oven. I'm sure I'll start making roasts and chicken dishes, but I tend to overcook and dry them out so I hesitate to even try. I also don't bake that much (in the interest of keeping our weight down :)).

So given this, I cannot see me spending $8300 for the DF (which is the quote I got for the 6 burner model), and I'm not sure I feel comfortable with an AG model (quoted ~$5400).

So -- I think I am leaning towards my original plan which is the Viking Professional 6 burner cooktop and Electrolux oven underneath (~$4K total). I think I would just spend the $130 and get an extra 2 years on the warranty for the cooktop. At some point in the future (10+ years), I think I would have the opportunity to go to the range if I wanted (with some electrical, gas and cabinet/counter work to make room). But maybe at that point, I'd have more time to actually do some cooking!

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You might want to do a search or a new post for the wolf AG on the appliance forum- most people are really happy with their wolf AG range. I recently got info from someone who just got one who just said she had to adjust the temp (I think it was down) 25 degrees, she didn't mention having to constantly monitor the temp. If that was the case I don't think anyone would want to take that on. She actually said she put a thermometer in there and it held the temp steady. So she just adjusted the temp for all recipes and now it's fine.
Of course if you'd rather have the cooktop/ oven combo that's another way to go. I know for me I saved about 400 on not having to buy a cabinet, and then I also saved on countertop material and fabrication because no cutout. So that was a nice bonus.

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I was wondering why you weren't planning on a range instead of the cooktop with an oven below. The range seems to make more sense to me. I did double wall ovens, so I can't help you with which range. I do have a friend who has one -- I think hers is all gas,but I'm not sure. She's a great cook from an Italian family. :)

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"I called Wolf earlier to ask about the AG vs DF, and the guy said the AG is really if you are ok with watching the temperature and adjusting it up/down as needed, whereas the electric, you just set the temp and let it cook. I've never used a gas oven before. "

Sounds to me like that salesman is trying to upsell you to a DF range. Personally, I found the advice and experiences of friends./family/acquaintances much more useful and objective than anything any salesman had to say about cooking.

Cooking in a gas oven is no more complicated than using an electric one. High end gas ovens like Wolfs have excellent temp control. Unless you are experienced with some ultra-fine specialist baking modes, you are unlikely to notice any difference in performance.

I opted for an AG range (not a Wolf) and put the incremental $$$ towards a compatible exhaust system.

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The oven in my Wolf range bakes and roasts beautifully. I do not fiddle with the temperature while cooking.

If you do want a cooktop instead of a range, Viking would not be my first choice. I would either get a Blue Star (serious fire power with 22K BTU open burners) or a Bertazzoni (beautiful, good reputation and a little bit cheaper -- if you don't need 22K BTU burners). Bertazzoni also offers a cooktop that has both gas and induction burners.

Blue Star: http://www.bluestarcooking.com/products/drop-in-cooktops


Here is a link that might be useful: Bertazzoni

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Thank you all for the additional information. The main problem I'm having is I have to decide ASAP since the cabinetmaker will not start until I nail this down - he's supposed to start Monday and we're already 8 days behind schedule.

The original plan was the Viking+Electrolux, and wiring has been done already. My original original plan was a cooktop + double ovens, but that didn't work out since there was no other place for the MW. So it was suggested to put the second oven under the cooktop. I convinced myself this was better in case either broke, I could replace each easier/cheaper - this may not be true. A couple days ago I thought, why not a Wolf range (since I was revisiting the whole thing) --- but with them being so expensive, and having to redo electrical --- I thought maybe it's easier just to go with the original plan.

I'm glad you sent the info on the Bertazzoni since it looks like that cooktop would actually work with my oven -- I was worried I'd be limited since the Wolf cooktop plus some others will NOT work above the Electrolux oven. So I do have some options there if I need to replace....

Thanks again!

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With a cooktop and wall oven, not only do the individual components add up to more money, but you also have to order cabinets for them inhabit. A wall oven cabinet is easily one of the most expensive that you can buy, as all tall cabinets are. You're talking 2-3K extra for cabinets, easily, if not more because of upgraded finishes etc.

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Thanks -- I asked the cabinetmaker, and he said the cooktop/oven cabinet is around $350, so I'd save that, plus save the granite cutout cost.

I'm down to one day to make my final decision!!! Shoot!

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We needed to move our microwave to make the function of the kitchen better but I wasn't willing to give up double ovens to stack it with a wall oven (considered it). Anything in an upper threw all the cabinets out of whack. We went with a drawer micro. A little more money, but love the way it works, the location. It was worth it, You might want to see if that allows you to do the double ovens you really wanted.

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I have to second that, lascatx. We put a drawer micro in the kitchen I designed for my parents, and it's awesome. People who have them usually say they'll never go back to the traditional micro.

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Thanks! The saga continues...... After going to the appliance store today, I think I decided on the Wolf AG. I can get the DF in a few years if I start to cook more. I talked to some friends who have gas ovens and agreed with the folks here that it really isn't much different than electric.

Regarding the MW drawer, my husband is 6'4" and said no way is he dealing with a MW under the counter.... He uses the MW a lot...... This is why we had to go with the MW above a single oven. I think with the range it'll be a good mix. He can use the MW and oven as he's used to since this is what we had before.

Thanks for all the input here... You guys are the best :).

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Glad you finally came to a decision! I know you're going to
love having a Wolf!

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[Posted duplicate message from phone!]

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