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ali80caJune 22, 2013

Ok...lets try this again! Thoughts, input if I am missing anything that sticks out at you would be appreciated. I know this plan might not work for everyone, but for us it likely will work fantastic. Having lived here for 27 yrs we know what our traffic patterns are. This whole area is much more open then it ever was before. When we first moved here there was a set of stairs that went up from the kitchen and there was also a bathroom in the corner where the second sink will sit.

I just received my plans and thought I would share.
Here is what we started with. Ceiling was dropped, it is now back up to full height, all ready for wiring, insulation and drywall! I can hardly wait!! We live in a very old farmhouse (1895) and have been renovating and insulating for the past number of years.

I drew this and it is not the neatest but it will give you an idea of what we are getting. If you look at the 3d pictures following you will get a better idea of what we are getting. Part of the room is missing on the drawing, but nothing too important is in it. The corner will have a banquette and there will be some shallow cabinets under a window by the door to the dining room. If you wish you can look at the overall plan to get your bearings. It gets much larger and darker if you click on it and then enlarge it again in photobucket!

We have a large kitchen approx 20 ft by 21 ft. A tiny corner of it is taken up with a washer and dryer. It is in an area that used to be a closet so there is a dividing wall between it and the rest of the kitchen. In that corner we are going to have a banquette. This is the wall that I refer to as the dining room wall. The cabinets that are surrounding the window on the road wall are only 12" deep, they will be used to store children's books and games.

12" fits perfectly without interfering with the doorway to the dining room. On the sink wall we will have 2 sinks, there was plumbing for both so we decided to leave it alone. The second sink near the fridge will be used for thawing the turkey and hand washing before getting snacks and random things like that. The main sink will have a garbage disposal and be used for wash up. Area along the road wall will be my baking center.

Area along fridge wall will be for snacks and the toaster, close to the fridge, close to the pantry areas.

In the corner is a large duct going upstairs that will be hidden behind the cabinets.

The island will be quite large (96 x60 plus spindles), it is not shown on the overall plan(but is on my drawing) but I have included the mockups of the various sides. It will have an induction cooktop with a downdraft vent (I know..I know, not the best option, but it works for us)

We are thinking midnight for the base cabinets and pebble grey (kraftmaid colours) for the uppers and large wall units. The bookcase area will all be in the midnight colour as will the banquette.

The distance between the sink wall and the island is not set in stone, but I would like to make sure that I can open both the drawers that I will store my dishes in (in the island) and the dishwasher at the same time.

Sorry for the long post!!

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fixed the first posting

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Holly- Kay

Ali, my old eyes just can't see the light lines in your drawing but I can answer your question about hardware from my perspective. I wanted to do all pulls as I wanted a unified look. When I found the pulls that I wanted I fell in love with the knobs too. I decided to use knobs on my pennisula upper cabs. The nice thing is that you can do whatever you want and it will look great. Many people use two or three different styles of hardware and it looks terrific. Good luck with your project!.

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Thanks Holly....the pictures do get larger if you click on them! My eyes can't see the light lines too well either! I was so sorry to read your post about you countertop...I hope you manage to get something done so that you like the end result :)

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